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My Heart Knows 14 January 2022: The Episode starts with Malhar making Kalyani stand in the big clock and makes her keeps her hands as clock hands, and asks her about the time. Kalyani tells the time. Malhar asks her to stand like that and says whenever you think of breaking something, you will think twice. Anupriya thinks she has bought all the stuff to make Kalyani as Baba and thinks where is she? Kalyani is still standing as a watch and thinks she is not yet ready for the Jata Dhaari baba’s act. She talks to Billu in her heart and asks him to do something.

Moksh cries. Kalyani gets happy and moves from the watch. Malhar says I am here to take care of Moksh. He takes him in his hands. Anupriya comes near the wall. Kalyani tells her that Malhar punished her to stand like a watch. She tells that it is impossible for her to get out of house. Anupriya says what they will do now. Kalyani asks her to become baba. Moksh is still crying. Malhar asks Aparna to boil milk for baby. Aparna asks him to ask Kalyani and tells that she has to go somewhere urgently. Anupriya says she can’t become Baba. Anupriya asks do you want to bring Sampada’s truth out.

Malhar asks Kalyani to buy clothes for Makar Sankranti and not to be spendthrift. He says you have to become watch in the night after coming home. Sampada asks Mugdha to leave and says she can take care of Atharv. Mugdha says she will not go and tells that she got the letter with him. She reads it that Atharv wrote a letter to Sampada addressing her as his sister and confess of his love for Mugdha. Sampada is shocked and thinks if she did a mistake to leave her baby for Atharv.

Anupriya comes indisguise of Jata Dhaari baba and thinks if I get caught that Aparna will take me to Aao Saheb. She thinks to go and then thinks she has to show some courage for Kalyani. Aparna sees her and touches her feet calling her baba. She asks if Anupriya called her and says she is her Vahini. Anupriya nods. Aparna tells that she is in distress and asks her to help her. Anupriya signs her about Sampada. Aparna asks what to do so that her daughter returns. She tells her that her daughter is sanskari, but eloped with a guy who provoked her. She asks her to tell some solution. Anupriya gives her something and writes on the wall asking her to keep the pot in Sampada’s house. Aparna thanks her and leave. Anupriya wishes kalyani also does her work. Kalyani comes there with Anupriya. She tells that she has hidden a recorder in the bag and whatever she talks will be recorded.

Malhar checks the things which Kalyani bought and scolds her bringing utensils. Kalyani says Aai had said that it is auspicious to buy new utensils today. Malhar says I have no money to fulfill your mother’s wishes. He says he will punish her. A lady comes and tells Kalyani that she found her in her clothes which she sold to buy utensils. She asks Kalyani to give old clothes next time and not new clothes. Kalyani asks Malhar not to punish her. Malhar says I have nothing to do if you sell your clothes.

She says she will go and become watch. Malhar asks her to stop and says you have learnt the teaching which I want to give you. Kalyani tells Billu that atom bomb shall be some film hero. Malhar comes there and tells Kalyani that he don’t want neighbors to laugh after eating tilgul so he will make it himself. Kalyani says Aai has taught me. Malhar says what to do. Kalyani feels bad and thinks she wanted to make it, but. Anupriya thinks Malhar hatred for kalyani ends on Makar sankranti day. Aao Saheb comes there. Anupriya asks if she is going somewhere. Aao Saheb scolds her for asking and asks her to come with him, as she is going to some customer’s house. They have to buy ingredients for tilgul. Anupriya asks who? Aao Saheb says SKG college principal. Anupriya gets tensed.

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