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My Heart Knows update Friday 22 October 2021 Zee world

My Heart Knows update Friday 22 October 2021 Zee world
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My Heart Knows 22 October 2021: Atharva asks Kalyani to ride buffalo if she wants to reach Maayi/Anupriya’s house. Kalyani says she will book a taxi. He says it is not Pune that she will book the taxi and it will arrive in 5 minutes, she has to walk 15-20 km now, it is better she ride this buffalo. She agrees and asks Atharva if he will also ride with her. He says he will not. She rides buffalo but falls into a ditch and shouts. She sees Atharva missing and fumes she will make Anu and Atharva’s life hell.

Ahilya’s daughter Aparna gets out of the auto and spits paan on the auto’s seat. The driver scolds what is she doing. She tears seats and shouts if he knows to know who she is. People discuss arrogant woman returned, her husband left her due to her arrogance, she came to make other’s lives hell. She hears that and yells at them to do their work. She walks in.

Sampada gets happy seeing her and says she thought she would not come. Aparna as soon as she heard she is becoming grandma, came. Anu also gets happy. Aparna says Anu will not sit in pooja. Ahilya scolds Anu made all the arrangements why she should not for pooja and reminds she is divorced and should remember that before pointing at Anu. Aparna says pooja is performed by married people. Anu says Aparna is right, she will not attend pooja.

Pooja starts. Pandit asks to sprinkle gangajal on Sampada and rest around the house. Ahilya takes the mug. Kalyani enters, snatches mug, and washes her dirt-smeared face and legs. Ahilya shouts how dare she is to wash her feet with gangajal. She is more shocked seeing arrogant lier champagne girl and asks what is she doing here. She says she came to meet Anu.

Ahilya asks how is she related to Anu. Kalyani smirks and asks Aparna to tell how they are related. Anu gets tensed and says her mother died. Kalyani starts crying that day changed her life, she was taking champagne for her parents, but her mother died that day. Ahilya asks who is her mother.

Kalyani says she will show pics and opens her mobile, but does not find Madhuri’s pics. She panics and cries. Anu says the girl is tensed, she will take her to the outhouse and takes her there, asks what is she doing here and what was she trying to do just now. Kalyani says she tried to escape dropping her in a hostel, but she will not leave her in peace and will make her suffer each day like she is suffering without her parents. Her yelling continues…

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