My Heart Knows 4 February 2022: My Heart Knows update Friday 4th February 2022 The Episode starts with Kalyani telling Sampada that she shall know the rituals as this is her second marriage and then says it doesn’t affect her as the marriage is fake. Sampada holds her hair angrily. Kalyani pushes her and then holds her hand asking her to save it to make Atharv’s money fly. She asks her not to take out her frustration on her. Neighbors tell that they don’t hope this from the Deshmukh family. Aao Saheb looks at Kalyani. Kalyani asks did she have any proof that she took it. Aao Saheb asks where is Anupriya? Pallavi and Aparna tell that they asked her not to come.

Aparna says how can we let an inauspicious woman come in the function. Kalyani gets angry and throws the garbage on the sweets made by Anupriya. She says she saved them from having sweets made by inauspicious Anupriya. Aao Saheb tells that Kalyani is right and asks them to call Anupriya. She says Anupriya must have some haldi mix. Sampada asks Aparna to call her. Aparna tries to argue. Anupriya is studying in the factory area. Pallavi and Aparna come there and call Anupriya asking her to bring haldi box. Kalyani comes there and asks her to give haldi. She gives the box and asks her to give it saying it was in the kitchen. Anupriya comes there holding haldi powder. Aao Saheb asks where was it?

Anupriya says it was in the kitchen. Aao Saheb says lets start the rasam. She does Sampada’s Tilak. Aparna applies Tilak to Sampada and tells that Kalyani did this deliberately so that we can Anupriya. Sampada says I know Kalyani’s weak point and will give her a reply. She apologizes to Anupriya and says why she can’t take part in the rasam if her husband left her and went to another woman. She says her value in the house is of a Servant and pushes Anupriya down on Aao Saheb’s feet.

Kalyami gets angry and hurts Sampada asking how dare she to say this. Anupriya gets up and asks Kalyani to stop it. Aao Saheb tells Sampada that she never thought that her blood will turn black. Sampada asks if she wanted to leave the house and says you kept Anupriya as a Servant in the house. Kalyani says my Aai is not a widow. Aparna says bhaiyya left her 18 years back and she is not married now. Sampada says she has to stay like a widow and Servant and sit in a corner. She says she is not suhagan, but abhagan. Kalyani says I will see how my Aai don’t do this haldi kumkum rasam. She says even I am married, I will do haldi kumkum with my Aai. She asks Anupriya to show everyone that she is married and says nobody has the right to point a finger at your marital status. She takes Tilak on her finger and is about to apply it on Anupriya’s forehead. Anupriya thinks of Aparna’s words pushes the haldi kumkum plate in air and slaps Kalyani. She finds sindoor fallen on her maang and wipes it. Kalyani is shocked.

Anupriya says I told you not to do anything and says I was not dying to come here and says you brought me here. She says what I got here, insult. She says Haldi Kumkum is not the proof of married life. Aao Saheb tells Kalyani is not wrong this time. Anupriya says we think she is abhagan and has no place in society. Sampada smiles and smirks. Anupriya says my identity is a question mark and says Suhagan’s proof is her husband and says my husband was never with me. Aao Saheb and Kalyani cry. Anupriya tells Kalyani that when she used to feel alone at night and cursed herself, and asks where were your baba then? She says when I see others with their husband then I used to cry and prayed that your baba shall return and held my hand. She asks where was he then? She asks why I don’t participate in functions as everyone has sympathy or laughs at her. She questions Kalyani asking where was her father when all those things happened to her. She says she was a fool to hope that he will return and says now she has suffocated her hopes and accepted that he will never return. She says she is happy being alone and cries.

Anupriya apologizes to Kalyani and says my anger balloon burst on you which was on him and says this hand shall get punished for it. She keeps her hand on the diya and hurts herself. Everyone is shocked.

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