My Heart Knows 27 December 2021: The Episode starts with Kalyani thinking aai would have been with her and her confidence would have been increased automatically. Anupriya comes there. Aparna scolds Kalyani for a small issue and then scolds a neighbor for not correcting Kalyani. She asks her to bring varvatta to the place and keep it there.

Anupriya thinks it is so heavy, how she will pick it. Kalyani couldn’t pick it. Aparna taunts her. Kalyani picks it with much difficulty. She steps on the Prasad thaali and the varvatta falls from her hand. Malhar catches it and gets angry at her.

Kalyani says sorry. Malhar says you would have told if you can’t pick it. He asks the start of Naam Karan was bad and says nothing wrong will happen with my child, and all the bad things ended with his birth mother. Sampada feels bad. Atharv asks her to have vada pav. He tells that they were about to get caught because of Kalyani. Sampada tells that she is missing her baby. Atharv says let’s go and steal the baby, then get caught. Sampada apologizes to him. Atharv makes her stolen mangalsutra and tells her that it is needed to get a place for their stay. Sampada asks how can he make her wear someone else’s mangalsutra. Anupriya thinks what might be Aao Saheb’s plan. Aparna shows the thaali to Kalyani telling her something.

Kalyani tells that the things in the plate are wrongly placed and says she got info from the internet. Anupriya gets happy and thinks I would have found out about Aao Saheb and Pallavi’s plan using the internet. Aparna says ok and says let’s keep the baby in the cradle. The Neighbor asks Kalyani where is the singer? Malhar scolds Kalyani. She tells that she called that singer. Malhar asks her to call her, but the number is switched off. Aparna says a singer is needed for this rasam and says how it will complete now. Malhar says it is my mistake to trust you. Anupriya thinks Aao Saheb and Pallavi want to ruin the function this way. She steps in front of them and tells them that she can sing for the baby. Aparna asks do you know Marathi’s song? Anupriya says yes. Malhar asks her to sing. Anupriya sings Marathi’s songs. Kalyani and Aparna do the ritual. Malhar takes the baby in his arms. Kalyani takes the baby from his hand and keeps him in the cradle. Anupriya is about to go, but Kalyani stops her and asks her to bless the baby Anupriya turns towards Kalyani. Malhar asks her to bless the baby. Anupriya bends down and blesses the baby happily. She thinks what do you think Aai that I will not recognize you. Anupriya thinks it is good that I came here and failed Aao Saheb and Pallavi’s plan.

The neighbors ask Malhar to swing the cradle. Aparna says it is not needed. Malhar and Kalyani swing the cradle. Anupriya thinks they get close with their wish. Malhar tells that he will name the baby. Neighbor says baby’s aayi will name him. Malhar says we need time to think and asks Kalyani to come. They go to their room.

He asks her to tell him the same name which he has chosen. He says my baby name will be Moksha Malhar Rane. Does Kalyani say what kind of name is this? Malhar says this is freedom. Kalyani says she was teased in the school and says we shall name the baby as Siddharth, and says Gautam buddha’s name was Siddharth. She says he will get smart like Siddharth. Malhar looks angrily. Kalyani says Moksha is best. They come out. Malhar is about to whisper the baby’s name in his ear when Pallavi comes and stops Malhar. She takes the baby in her hand and says I am baby’s Aatya. Aao Saheb smiles.

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