My Heart Knows 31 January 2022: My Heart Knows update Monday 31st January 2022 The Episode starts with Sampada and Atharv getting inside the temple throwing gold coins at the crowd and entering directly. Aao Saheb asks them not to present their richness in front of God. Atharv says Pandit Ji will give the lecture and tells that your name is big, but your locker is empty. Aao Saheb tells that she can’t do puja with them. Atharv asks her to leave indirectly. Kalyani asks Sampada why she is eagerly wanting to do puja as if she has kept fast. Sampada tells that anybody can do puja. Aao Saheb and Kalyani go out, telling that they will do puja later. Sampada thinks to ruin the idol made by Kalyani and puts water on it melting it.

Kalyani realizes and runs inside the temple. Sampada pretends to fall and breaks the idol. Does Pandit Ji ask what did you do? Sampada says it is by mistake. Kalyani is about to slap her, but Atharv holds her hand. She says you have done this intentionally so that I couldn’t complete my fast. Sampada says I didn’t know that your fast will break, and says nobody can stop Malhar from going to jail. She says how Kalyani will live her life now..and acts to feel pity for her. Kalyani cries. Aao Saheb looks at a woman making idols and says there are 10 mins left now to do puja and says if one decides then can complete the fast. Kalyani says I will complete my fast. Bell starts ringing shocking Atharv and Sampada. Kalyani says I will complete my fast and will find a way to free Malhar. Aao Saheb smiles.

Kalyani runs out and thinks to make an idol in 10 mins anyhow, and asks Bappa to help her and forgive her if she does any mistake. She starts the timer and starts making the idol. Atharv comes and puts water on the idol that she is making. Kalyani shouts and asks him to stop. He laughs and says he was washing his hands. He says there is no chance that Malhar will be saved and says he didn’t know that he will have fun to ruin her fast. Kalyani throws color on Atharv’s face. Atharv closes his eyes and asks her to give him water. Kalyani switches off the tap. Atharv goes to wash his face. Kalyani thinks about how to make the idol fast and checks on the net, but her phone is off. She thinks about how Malhar was teaching him and starts making idol again.

Rahul takes the Godavari to a secluded place and takes jewelry from her. She asks her to give morphed pics and says if anyone sees then I will give my life. Rahul says I don’t have those pics, I called you here for entertainment. Malhar comes there and says he will show what entertainment is and jumps down. He says it was our plan to call you here. Godaveri smiles. He asks Rahul where are those photos and asks if he gave the pics to Atharv, and says if he didn’t feel shame to play with girl’s respect. Rahul agrees to have given pics to Atharv, and says for those pics you have to accept that you have molested Sneha, but I know you are innocent, and says the one who can’t keep his wife happy, how can he molest a stranger girl. Malhar says I have to lie to save Godaveri’s respect.

Anupriya hears them hiding. A FB is shown, Malhar takes Sneha to his old house as she is drunk and hasn’t told him about the address. He says I will get water for you. Sneha closes the door and falls on him, says she can’t control and then shows Godaveri’s morphed pics to Malhar, asking him to accept that he has molested her else she will make Godaveri’s pics viral among the villagers. Just then Kalyani knocks on the door. Sneha scratches herself opens her hair and smears her lipstick shocking Malhar. Fb ends. Malhar tells Rahul that he will go to jail with him and not alone. Rahul laughs and says I don’t have those pics with me.

Sampada tells Aao Saheb that she might not have the watch, and that’s why she is telling for her info that there are just 30 seconds left. Atharv starts the countdown and says 2. Just then Kalyani shouts asking him to stop. She runs on the temple stairs holding the idol and slips. Idol falls down from her hand and gets placed on the place where it shall be kept. Kalyani smiles happily. Aao Saheb is happy as well and asks Pandit Ji to do puja, saying aarti shall be grand. Sampada and Atharv get shocked and leave from there. Kalyani asks Bappa to stop Malhar from going to jail. Kalyani does puja and does God’s aarti. Malhar beats Rahul. Kalyani asks Bappa to save Malhar.

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