My Heart Knows 12 February 2022: My Heart Knows Saturday 12th February 2022 update The Episode starts with Kalyani applying ointment on Rachit’s injury. He asks her to be slow. Malhar talks to constables and asks them to catch Aahir. Kalyani asks Rachit why is he shouting like kids, says it is a small cut and will pain. He says I am not supercop like your husband and tells Malhar that Kalyani used to pass out looking at a drop of blood. Kalyani asks when? She says once I was pass out when I got waxing done and then left it.

Rachit says I can see your moustache. Kalyani hits him with pillow. Atharv tells Malhar that Aai don’t laugh with him more and tells that she is Rachit’s bestfriend, not ours. Anupriya thanks Rachit for saving Kalyani. Rachit says real hero is Sir, if he had not pushed the cart then we would have got injury. Anupriya asks Rachit to drink water. Rachit refuses and tells that he can’t drink water. He takes out bottle and drinks water. Kalyani says you have become US princess. Kalyani hears Moksh crying and goes. Atharv asks Anupriya to give her US water. Anupriya asks him to drink the water. Atharv says no and tells Rachit that he will call him US hero uncle.

Kalyani comes to room and finds Moksh sleeping and Malhar sitting at his bedside. She asks him to take off his shirt and tells that since Rachit called you super hero, you are thinking you are super hero. Malhar says I will do it myself. Kalyani tries to remove the shirt and it gets opened. She says sorry and do sit ups asking for forgiveness. Malhar asks her to stop drama and apply medicine. She asks really. She takes off his bandage, applies ointment and ties new bandage. Nainon ne kaise bandi dor re plays….Kalyani feels his pain. They have an eye lock. Someone is keeping eye on them. Malhar gets up and makes a sound. They smile looking at him. Kalyani makes Malhar wear shirt and tells that she will bring other shirt for him. Malhar says no. Kalyani says I will stitch this shirt button. She asks if Aahir is found. Malhar nods no.

Rachit tells Anupriya that don’t know how Aahir got my driver ‘s job. Anupriya says until he is arrested, there will be danger on them. She asks him to sit and says she will make Poha for him. Madhav comes to Rachit and asks if he came alone. He asks where are you parents? He says we have old thinking and tells that elders talk about alliance. Rachit asks alliance for marriage. Malhar says he is Rachit, Kalyani’s school friend. Kalyani tells that she had talked to Aao Saheb to search alliance for Swara. Malhar stares at Kalyani. Madhav says I only asked Kalyani to search alliance for her. Swara tells that she is ready for marriage if Baba gets happy. She goes. Malhar goes behind Swara. Aao Saheb tells Anupriya that once Swara is married, she will forget the past. Rachit says I can help you and have some employees who are single. He talks to Alexa and asks to find out about emlployees who are single. They hear the female sound telling that she will find out and then says she has mailed him. Rachit thanks it. Atharv asks from where voice is coming. Rachit asks if they want to meet Alexa and takes out the device from his pocket. He says this is Alexa, tells that it is a device which has answer to all questions and is my personal secretary. Aao Saheb asks if it will agree to my sayings and asks Alexa to clean her lawn. Alexa says this service is not available. Atharv says it is not your bahu to clean the lawn. He asks Alexa to tell jack and jill poem. Alexa reads the poem.

Malhar tells Swara that he knows that she has taken this decision for baba’s happiness and asks her to tell him if she don’t want to marry, tells that she will convince baba. Swara says I have promised Shyam and says how to forget that. Someone is keeping eye on them. Rachit and Kalyani come out. She sees the hoarding and asks if he has done this. Rachit says yes. Kalyani says so cute. He asks her not to say cute, tell hot, handsome, dashing, superb etc, but not cute. Kalyani says I will call you cute and says you are cute. Rachit says that’s why I hate you. He says I will meet you and aunty in office tomorrow and asks which movie she is going to watch today, on Friday. Kalyani says all movies come online now, why to waste money in theatre. Atharv whispers to Malhar that you doesn’t know about Aai watching first day first show movies. Rachit leaves. Malhar gets a call and comes to know that the car is found in naxalite area. Someone is taking their pic secretly. Anupriya messages Sarthak asking how is he? She then deletes the message. She then write messages asking if the work is done. Aao Saheb comes there and says I am seeing since long time, you are just writing and not sending the message, why? She tells her that woman’s heart is big than man. She loves him more and forgives too. She asks her to send the message. Anupriya says let it be, he must be worried and goes.

Madhav tells Kalyani that Malhar is not happy with his decision, but if a guy comes in Swara’s life then she might be happy. He says Rachit told that there are some guys in his office for marriage. Kalyani says he has become enthusiastic and sent me many profiles. Malhar comes there talking on call. Madhav asks if Aahir is found. Malhar says no. Madhav goes from there sadly, comes back and tells Malhar that if Aahir have a bit of qualities like him then his life would have better. Kalyani says everything will be fine. Malhar asks how? Just then someone throws arrow on Kalyani. Kalyani thinks Atharv had thrown it and goes out. Malhar picks the arrow and finds pendrive with it. Kalyani goes out calling Atharv, says if I catch you then will beat you a lot. Malhar puts the pendrive in his laptop and finds Kalyani and his pic, Swara, Kalyani and his pic etc. He gets shocked.

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