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My Heart Knows 15 January 2022: The Episode starts with Aao Saheb asking Anupriya to come with her to buy Til Gul ingredients, before that they have to go to SKG’s principal house. Anupriya gets scared hearing Principal’s name. She says Principal’s house is very far and if the market gets close we can’t buy the ingredients. Aao Saheb asks who told you? Anupriya says Kalyani. Kalyani sees Malhar cooking til/sesame on low flame. She thinks what he is making and thinks of Anupriya’s recipe. She tells Moksh that he is spoiling the til gul and tells Malhar that Aai gave her all the recipe.

Malhar tears it and says I don’t need you or your Aai. She gets angry on him and asks from where he gets so much anger and says one day his BP will increase. Malhar gets scared with her. It was her imagination. Kalyani asks him to make til gul as he wants and says she thinks his recipe will be good. Aao Saheb and Anupriya reach Principal’s house. Anupriya thinks if Principal sees her then will tell Aao Saheb. She starts sneezing thinking Kalyani will do this in such a situation. Aao Saheb asks her to buy the things and go home. Malhar scolds Kalyani and tells that he wants last month expenses calculation. Kalyani says I will give in sometime. Malhar gets angry. Moksh cries. Malhar asks Kalyani what did she teach to his son, whenever he scolds her, moksh cries.

Kalyani asks baby not to cry and tells that they will beat Malhar. Malhar gets angry. Kalyani says she just said to make baby quiet. Malhar smilingly asks Kalyani not to waste his money as he earned it with hard work. Kalyani says she don’t spend much and personal things with her savings. Malhar says I didn’t know. Sampada brings Doctor to see Atharv, but he is not there. She finds his phone there. Doctor says I will leave. Sampada grabs his collar and says all men are same. Doctor says you need medical treatment and leave. Sampada cries. She gets Aparna’s call. Anupriya tells Kalyani that Aparna left early morning. Kalyani says she came to Malhar last night and acted that she is going to Mumbai as her friend is sick. They hope to catch Sampada and Atharv.

Anupriya asks her to touch Aao Saheb’s feet and says Rao Saheb came. Kalyani refuses. Aao Saheb tells Rao Saheb not to fly kite this time. Kalyani asks them to come out as she wants to take their blessings. Rao Saheb asks her to come to their side of house. Kalyani sees Malhar and says she called them outside the house. Pallavi comes and says that she made Manja for the kite flying. Kalyani says even I will fly kite. Aao Saheb says only real couples fly the kite and their relation is just namesake. She asks Rao Saheb to come. Kalyani asks her if she is scared that they will lose and challenges Aao Saheb. They leave. Kalyani asks Malhar to come and says we will win. She says I have challenged them as they were insulting you. Malhar asks really?

Everyone gathers in the makar sankranti kite competition in their neighborhood. The host tells that vivek is winning since 5 years. Kalyani asks Malhar to let him fly the kite and says she is good at kite flying. He looks angrily. Kalyani asks him to fly. Kite competition begins. Kalyani asks him to concentrate. Malhar says air flow is not good. Pallavi teases Kalyani telling her words. She takes the kite thread from Malhar’s hand and asks him to scold her later. Malhar asks Kalyani to remember that Rane family respect is in her hands. Kalyani says you are not Rane back and asks him to let her concentrate. Pallavi asks Vivek to cut the kite. Kalyani cuts Dandekar family’s kite. Pallavi tells Vivek that they shall cut Bhao Saheb’s kite, but Kalyani cuts his kite too. The host tells that competition is among Vivek, Kalyani and Rao Saheb. Kalyani asks Malhar to loosen the thread and she is about to fall, but Malhar holds her and they have an eye lock.

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