My Heart Knows 20 November 2021: The Episode starts with Anupriya hearing Constables talking about Sampada. Malhar gets angry and asks Constable to say loudly else he will suspend him. Constable says sorry and asks him not to suspend him. Malhar says I will forgive you and asks him to tell me that I am not a man and my wife eloped with someone else. Constable apologizes. Malhar keeps the gun in his mouth and asks him to say else he will shoot. He asks him to say.

Anupriya asks him to calm down. Malhar asks her to listen quietly. Constable apologizes. Malhar asks the other Constable to bring a trimmer and asks him to cut his hair. He says you will say everything that you were saying just now. He trims Malhar’s hair and says Malhar’s wife ran away.

Malhar tells that he is getting his mundane and sacrificing his hairs in her memory. He says I love her very much, but don’t know if she loved him or not. Anupriya asks Constable to stop it. Aparna asks Rao Saheb not to fix Kalyani and Malhar’s marriage. Pallavi comes and taunts her. Aparna argues with her and blames Atharv for trapping Sampada. Pallavi accuses Sampada of having an affair with Atharv. Rao Saheb asks them to be quiet and says you are not leaving even dead people. Aparna says my daughter is not dead. Aao saheb says mahurat is taken out and tells that Malhar and Kalyani will marry tomorrow. Aparna asks them not to get the marriage done and tells them that Sampada is alive. Aao Saheb says even if she comes then also she is dead for us. Vinay says we shall get Malhar and Kalyani married soon.

Aao Saheb says Sampada and Atharv have blackened our faces and says they will tell everyone that as Malhar and Kalyani lost their spouses they are getting them married. Rao Saheb opposes her decision. Aao Saheb tells that nobody can oppose her decision. Kalyani comes to the PS to talk to Anupriya. Malhar asks Constable not to let her get inside. Kalyani tells Malhar that she can’t marry him as she is just 18. Malhar says what is wrong with me? He says you acted to marry Atharv and tells that you planned all that so that you can be helped Sampada and Atharv elope. He asks her to go and talk to Aao Saheb. He says if he marries her, then his baby will get caretaker and she will be punished for her sins. Kalyani tells that she lied to him as Atharv threatened her by taking Sampada’s name. Malhar says tomorrow is Anupriya’s court hearing and tells that he will free her from accusations if she agrees to marry her, else Anupriya will be hanged. Kalyani says I never saw you with that sight. Malhar says I want to know your answer right now. Kalyani runs behind his jeep and agrees to the marriage.

Anupriya comes to know from Constable that Malhar is marrying. Anupriya asks whom? Constable says she doesn’t have the courage to ask Malhar. Anupriya thinks about how can Malhar marry in this condition. She requests the sub-inspector to let her make a call. He agrees. Kalyani is in her room and thinks of her decision to marry Malhar for Anupriya’s freedom. Anupriya calls Kalyani and asks about Malhar’s marriage.

Kalyani asks are you fine? She asks did they get food, and asks if they are torturing you. She says I know that my Aayi can’t kill anyone. Anupriya says I didn’t kill anyone. She asks if Malhar is marrying and asks about the girl. Kalyani says what are you saying and says I don’t know about it. She says nobody is talking to me. Anupriya asks her to search for the girl and stop the marriage. She asks her to stop the girl’s life from getting ruined. Kalyani cries keeping their hand on her mouth. Anupriya ends the call. Kalyani feels sorry for lying and says truth is that I am marrying Malhar. She says I have to marry my Aayi.

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