My Heart Knows 13 February 2022: My Heart Knows update Sunday 13th February 2022 The Episode starts with the man Sarthak getting down from the car. Kalyani scolds him for driving the car carelessly. Sarthak looks at Anupriya and says sorry.

Kalyani asks him to wear specs and says if something had happened to Aai then I would have taken your life. Sarthak says sorry. Kalyani asks why is he asking? Anupriya tries to tell Kalyani something. Kalyani says she is ACP Malhar Rane’s wife and says he is Singham of Aurangabad. She asks Anupriya to fight and not to get scared calling her Aai. He asks if she is her Aai..Kalyani asks what is his problem and argues with him. Sarthak smiles. Kalyani says if my husband ACP Malhar Rane would have been here then your smile would have vanished. Sarthak apologizes to her and asks her not to complaint with Singham. Anupriya tries to make her end the fight. Kalyani says now you will drop my Aai as she got late to deliver the clothes. Anupriya says no. Kalyani asks her to sit silently in his car. She asks her to sit at back side and tells Sarthak that he is looking honest and that’s why she is sending her Aai with him, but she don’t trust him. She clicks his car’s number and his pic. Sarthak says I respect law and order and is gentleman. Kalyani asks him not to speak and drive car nicely.

Malhar thinks who had sent these flowers to Kalyani. Atharv tells Sampada that he sent flowers to Kalyani. Sampada asks why? Atharv says I have no fun to send you flowers. Sampada says I will kill you. Malhar rubbishes his doubts. Pandit ji calls him and says he wants to talk to Kalyani. He tells that Kalyani is not picking his call and tells that Kalyani sent a kundali and asked him to check the kundali yog for second marriage. Malhar gets angry and ends the call. He thinks Kalyani agreed to his saying so soon.

Kalyani meets a guy who tells that he will give special assistance and find good life partner for her Aai. Kalyani says I will search guy for Aai and don’t need special assistance. She says everyone will be jealous. Malhar reaches there holding bouquet in his hand and thinks who is this guy, this is not that pic guy. Kalyani sees him and gets scared. Malhar says you don’t need to act, I came to know everything. He tells that Pandit called him. Kalyani asks if everyone came to know. Malhar says yes and tells that there is good news and tells that Guru ji/Pandit ji tells that there is a yog of second marriage. Kalyani gets happy and says this is really happy news. The guy from website tells Kalyani that he will go and asks her to think. Malhar asks him where is he going and asks what he do? and how much he earns? He asks if you will keep the girl happy? Kalyani says he is not the candidate and says he searches candidates from the website and says what do you think that I will search so young guy for Aai. Malhar asks if that candidate was for Aai. Kalyani asks what did you think? Malhar says I thought you want to remarry and made myself understand. Kalyani gets up angrily and asks him to get his eye number checked. She asks who is she? Everyone say Kalyani Rane. Kalyani says I am not Sampada, but Kalyani and if I marry many times then I will have husband’s exhibition. She says one marriage is enough for her, she don’t take relations lightly and understand and values it. Malhar asks her to get down from the chair else she will fall. Kalyani says I am not like Sampada…She falls on Malhar. They have an eye lock. The students clap for their Jodi and says their Jodi is like Raj and Simran.

Kalyani goes out. Malhar follows her and asks if she talked to Aai about it. Kalyani says no, but she is her Aai and she wants her loneliness to go and wants someone to love her. Malhar says everyone have to be convinced for this. Kalyani says I want to rectify my parents’ mistake and will get Aai married. Sarthak comes there talking to a student. Kalyani sees him and asks if he is a professor, he told that he is lawyer. Anupriya comes and tells Kalyani that Sarthak is Malhar’s kaka and brought up Malhar in his house. She says he came here as guest professor. Malhar talks to his kaka and says you came here to give lecture to kids. Sarthak says how can I refuse and says he don’t get tired by teaching. He tells Kalyani that Singham’s Mrs study here. He tells Malhar that people call you Singham here. He asks Kalyani to call him lion. Malhar asks do you met her before? Sarthak says Anupriya met me on the way and showed me Kalyani’s pic and says she is very nice girl. Kalyani touches his feet. Sarthak says I am not that old. He tells her that he is happy that malhar got such a wife. He asks Malhar to give bouquet to Kalyani. Malhar gives bouquet to Kalyani. They look at each other. Malhar asks Sarthak to stay at his place. Sarthak says I will talk to you later and goes. Kalyani goes. Malhar follows her.

He tells Kalyani that someone sent this bouquet for you. Kalyani asks who? Malhar says I didn’t know. Kalyani says you might have got doubtful seeing this. Malhar says you have taken a big thing in your hands. Kalyani talks nonstop and says she will search a good guy for her Aai. Malhar holds her mouth with his hand and says I will not let you do this alone. Flowers fall on them as bouquet falls in air. He says we will do this work together as Maayi is related to me also. Kalyani gets happy.

Anupriya is in the class. Kalyani says nobody asked me about the fair incident. Kalyani says everyone knows that you are boring and will not do such thing. She asks her to forget everything and think about future. Anupriya asks what? Kalyani says exams and tells that she will make her pass. Kalyani checks Anupriya’s profile in her mobile. Anupriya asks her to show and sees it forcibly. She gets shocked and asks what was written under my pic. She says is it facebox account? Kalyani says I was going to make your account on facebox. Anupriya says it is not needed. Someone sent the message. Kalyani gets happy and says alliance is fixed. She thinks her idea worked.

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