My Heart Knows 30 December 2021: The Episode starts with Malhar scolding Kalyani and asking her to buy a small nail cutter for the baby. Kalyani asks him not to worry. Malhar says I have many works to do and asks Aparna to take the baby. He says today I will teach you a lesson that you will not forget in your life. He asks do you trust yourself that you will cut baby’s nails without hurting his fingers, and says now I will cut your nails by blindfolding myself, now I will see whose trust is right. Anupriya thinks about what to do. Malhar is blindfolded and is about to cut her finger.

Anupriya signs Kalyani to cut the baby’s nails with her teeth. Kalyani tells the same answer. Malhar opens his blindfold and looks at the window. Kalyani says I was nervous and that’s why couldn’t tell. She says now I know Moksh’s baba worries about him else wouldn’t have shouted at me because of my carelessness. He comes out and hears constables laughing. He asks if they are laughing at him as his wife elopes. Constable says what are you saying? We really didn’t know, we are hearing it for the first time from you. Malhar says sorry and goes. He thinks of Pallavi’s words that the baby is of Sampada and Atharv, and Kalyani tells that Moksh is his baby. He thinks there is just a way and says DNA test. Aparna tells that she is feeling bad for the baby and says if Sampada would have been with him. Kalyani says Sampada left the baby and eloped with a stranger. Aparna picks Malhar’s stick and tries to beat her. Kalyani holds her hand and tells that although Sampada gave him birth, the baby is hers. She says she is taking the baby to know the entrance test results. Aparna says I will take the baby as he likes to spend time with me.

Malhar says I am taking the baby with me for the monthly check-up. He feels bad and says I know you are upset with me, my heart says that you are my blood, but my heart is wounded by Pallavi’s words. He apologizes and says I need to know if I am your baba or not. He leaves. Aparna threatens to break Kalyani’s feet if she misbehaves with her next time. Kalyani picks the stick and walks towards Aparna. Aparna asks her to move back. Kalyani hits on the wall and asks her to think about the consequences. She tells that she is going to check the result. Anupriya and Kalyani come to see the result. Anupriya checks for Kalyani’s name and gets happy. Kalyani says she came on the 7th number. Anupriya asks her to come. Kalyani checks for Anupriya’s name and tells you you have passed the test. She says sorry for calling her Aayi in college. She tells Anupriya that she shall call Malhar and inform them about her result. She says Malhar took Moksh to the hospital for a monthly check-up.

Malhar comes to the hospital to get the test done. Doctor asks about the baby’s name. Malhar says Moksh Rane. The doctor says we have to take the baby’s mother’s permission. Malhar says she is dead. The baby starts crying. Doctor asks Malhar to give the baby to Nurse for the blood test. Malhar says the baby is very small. Doctor asks him not to worry. Malhar gets Kalyani’s call and he thinks why she is calling. The nurse tells that DNA test preparation is done and blood group reports came and say Malhar’s blood grp is A- and baby’s blood grp B+.

Doctor asks her to get Malhar’s sign on the consent form till he comes back from rounds. Malhar asks Nurse about the baby’s blood group. The nurse says B+. Malhar recalls Atharv asking him what is bee’s blood group is and saying B+. Sampada laughs. Malhar says only you like such jokes. Atharv says even my blood group is B+. Malhar gets sad and upset and leaves the hospital leaving the baby unattended. Koi farmyard…..He thinks what is Sampada’s blood group and thinks there must be some file at home. He thinks if Sampada’s blood group is not B+ then it will be proved that…He drives the jeep.

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