My Heart Knows 6 January 2022: The Episode begins with Kalyani conversing with the Constable and telling that she heard Malhar and him talking and wanting to capture Anupriya. Constable says we got the news that… .Kalyani inquires as to for what reason are you doing this and tells that assuming Anupriya is captured, then, at that point, Aao Saheb will know and her fantasy to concentrate on will end. She tells that she will step through Anupriya for the examination and asks him not to capture her. Constable says he needs to capture her as said by Malhar. An understudy lets that don’t know what the aunt does including cigarette smoking. Kalyani beats him and says Anupriya is honest. Chief tells that he will make a severe move without wanting to converse with her family. Kalyani is stunned and thinks everybody finished, presently Aao Saheb will know this and Aai can’t concentrate further.

Aao Saheb circulates sarees to the town ladies and requests that they send different ladies also and tells that she is giving saree for Moksh’s naamkaran function. She tells that she didn’t give the sarees that day as she was uninformed who the child father is. Malhar hears her. Aao Saheb gives them desserts and attempts to induce Malhar against the child. She lets the ladies know that Malhar’s facial elements doesn’t coordinate with the kid. Malhar brings the child and tosses coins on Aao Saheb. He says child enjoyed her theatrics without question and requests that she see their nose and so forth Aao Saheb asks how could you? Malhar says I have sympathy on you individuals, as you see our nose, yet not our affection. He says Aao Saheb’s eyes are frail that couldn’t see that Moksh is content with him. Aao Saheb loks furious. Malhar takes Moksh inside and requests that he make his heart solid. He says we will render retribution along with your Aai. He says I realize I fouled up with Maayi, yet this is the main way for me. Worker comes and says school Principal accompanied the constables. Chief comes there and lets Malhar know that the offender is captured.

Kalyani assumed the fault on herself for keeping the stogies in Anupriya’s sack. Malhar becomes furious. Woman constable carries kalyani with cuff. Constable expresses what we could do, Kalyani assumed the fault and Maayi was absent from the school. Chief says he has rusticated Kalyani from the school. Kalyani thinks she has saved Anupriya. Aparna slaps Kalyani more than once and asks do you smoke stogies, you will give these qualities to my great child. She lets Malhar know that this young lady don’t have the right to deal with the child. Kalyani checks out Malhar. Aao Saheb lets that know sort of Policeman this, he can’t handle his first spouse and presently his subsequent wife and says it is a disgrace for him. Malhar looks irately. Kalyani thinks assuming that Aparna is here then where is Aai. Pallavi and Vivek taking Anupriya in the vehicle. She arranged with Vivek to take Anupriya’s kidney for the cash loan specialist’s mom. They see her out and about.

Anupriya lets them know that Sampada is alive and she is in Mumbai. Pallavi says then Atharv should be alive as well. Anupriya shows the bill with her number and tells that she will illuminate Malhar about Sampada and afterward he will comprehend that Kalyani is honest. Pallavi takes the bill from her hand and tells that assuming you illuminate Malhar then Aparna will hear and will tell Sampada, and afterward they will again run off. She says we are going to Mumbai for some work and requests that she come. She tells that they will go to Mumbai and bring Sampada. Anupriya says she will illuminate Kalyani first in school. Pallavi requests that she ruin Kalyani’s life once more. Anupriya goes to her. She says assuming you tell this to Kalyani then she will tell Malhar, and in the event that we were unable to find Sampada then Malhar will fault you both. She says she hates Kalyani, yet can’t see Malhar disturbing her. Pallavi requests that she tell when she tracks down Sampada Anupriya inquires as to why you needs to help me? Pallavi says we are family and I need to show Atharv something new. Anupriya says ok..fb closes. Anupriya thinks everything will occur as they suspected. Pallavi figures Kalyani doesn’t realize that Anupriya is going with us to give her kidney.

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