My Heart Knows 18 January 2022: My Heart Knows update Tuesday 18th January 2022 The Episode starts with Anupriya dancing on the classical music in the dark. Kalyani and her friends see her dance and say who is she? Anupriya comes in light. Kalyani gets happy and hugs her. She tells her friends that Anupriya performed best than them. Anupriya asks Kalyani to get Rahul’s phone and delete Godaveri’s pic. Pawar calls Malhar and tells that he found the location of the kalyani’s phone and got the complete address too. Atharv gives overdose of medicine to Mugdha and says she has one place, mental asylum for her.

Sampada laughs. Atharv calls Doctor and gives him money. He says report shall be made so that she don’t come out of mental asylum all her life. Malhar gets jealous seeing Kalyani dancing with Rahul. Kalyani tells that she is tired and tells that she will take a break. She tells that she picks the glass of juice and throws it on his tshirt and then says sorry. Rahul keeps his phone and goes to change Tshirt. Kalyani takes his pics. Malhar hears Rahul and his friends telling that Malhar’s luck is bad, first wife eloped and second wife is flirting with guys in the college. Kalyani couldn’t open the phone and thinks what is the password. Malhar comes and asks whose phone is this? Kalyani says this is my phone. Rahul comes and says this is my phone. Kalyani asks Malhar what problem she has with her. Malhar thinks to find out what Kalyani is upto.

Kalyani and Anupriya come home. Kalyani tells Anupriya that she will scold Godaveri. Anupriya says she will talk to her and asks her to go. Next day, Kalyani and Anupriya come to the college. Kalyani greets Rahul and hugs him, and keeps something in his pocket. Anupriya asks what did she keep in his pocket. Aao Saheb tells Pallavi that Principal invited them to welcomes CM and other guests. She says we will gift the sarees made in our factory, and says eknath mills owner will come there, and if he likes our sarees then can invest in our business. Godaveri thinks if Aao Saheb sees Maayi in college.

Rahul gets caught by the Police as knife is found with him. Rahul boasts about his father and says the big building is his. Malhar comes in his ownself and asks him to call his father. Rahul says so you are Malhar Rane, and says while checking the security, you would have kept one eye on your wife’s doings. Malhar slaps him and asks constables to check him. Kalyani thinks she couldn’t take Rahul’s pic today also. They hear Rahul morphing Godaveri’s pics and blackmailing her. Kalyani hears her and says if Godaveri agrees to compromise with Rahul then…She says it is enough now and tells that she will take Rahul’s phone and delete her pics. She asks Anupriya to make sure Godaveri don’t come in the class. Anupriya sees Godaveri coming there and asks her if she came to meet Rahul. Malhar sees the CCTV footage and sees Kalyani going to the classroom. He asks Constables to close CCTV for sometime.

Kalyani comes to the classroom and tells Rahul that Godaveri is her sister and asks him to delete all her pics. Rahul says you were acting to befriend me to get the pics. You and your husband fooled me. He says you have to act to love me infront of your husband else you know what the guys will do with Godaveri’s pics. Kalyani is tensed. Malhar comes there in Prof. Sinha’s avatar and asks what is going on here. Rahul says he is talking to his girlfriend and asks why is he behaving as he is his husband. Malhar removes his fake beard and shows his face. Kalyani says Malhar ji. Rahul says Kalyani loves him and asks her to tell the same to him. Kalyani murmurs to say something. Malhar raises his hand, but holds Rahul’s neck. He says you will insult my wife..and mess with me. Anupriya and Godaveri come there. Malhar says I will pull your skin and asks if he thinks girl’s respect as joke. He beats him for playing with girl’s respect and says he will make him naked and will make him walk infront of the college girls. He asks him to come.

Malhar takes his phone and asks Pawar to call his and his friends’ parents. Anupriya, Godaveri and Kalyani look on surprisingly. Malhar says he threatens to make his video viral and says if you look at my wife then nobody is bad than me. Anupriya recalls and a fb is shown, Anupriya tells Godaveri that Rahul has morphed her pics and sending to his friends. They go to Malhar. Anupriya tells Malhar that she wants to talk about Kalyani. Malhar says do you want to tell what is going on between Kalyani and Rahul. Anupriya scolds him and asks him to stop doubting on her. She tells him that Kalyani is trying to save Godaveri’s respect. Malhar is shocked. Fb ends. Anupriya smiles. Pawar takes Rahul from there. Malhar looks at Kalyani. Kalyani says Malhar ji…I want to…Malhar is upset with her and goes.

Police comes to Atharv and Sampada’s house and find Kalyani’s phone there with broken pot. Atharv and Sampada are in the car, and he says that it might be Kalyani’s plan. He says now they will face them like a tiger, and says our time will come. They laugh.

Godaveri promises not to chat again with any guy. Anupriya asks her not to chat again. Kalyani tells Anupriya that Malhar supported her for first time and showed trust on her. Anupriya says I saw, and tells that Aao Saheb and all the family are coming here for 26th January function.

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