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My Heart Knows 19 October 2021: Anupriya finds Kalyani near the train station and asks them to listen to her. Kalyani yells why should she, dare not follow. 

Anupriya says her father gave her responsibility to her. Kalyani yells why her father gave her responsibility to a characterless woman like her. Anupriya shouts to shut up, her ill faith made Atul gave Kalyani’s responsibility to her, so Kalyani should stay with her until she finds some play to stay for her. Kalyani stops.

Anupriya takes her to buy a Pune train ticket. Kalyani sees 2 constables nearby and signals them. They think why this girl is signaling them. Kalyani writes a note to save her from this woman as she is going to sell her. Lady constable walks to Anupriya and asks if she is not ashamed to think of selling this girl. Anupriya is shocked and says this girl’s father has given her custody to her and she is taking this girl to her home and shows legal custody papers. Kalyani acts innocent and signals the constable not to believe her. Constable says they get this kind of fake papers for 50 rs and arrests Anupriya calling her pimp.

At Anupriya’s home, the doctor checks Ahilya’s husband Rao Saheb who yells at Ahilya that Anupriya has not returned home since yesterday. Ahilya asks him to keep quiet. He continues fuming. Doctor asks him to take care of himself and leaves. Ahilya says she trusts her Anupriya and he should not reveal family’s problems in front of outsiders, Anu has gone to the temple.

Constable puts Anupriya behind bars. Anupriya pleads to listen to her and pleads to Kalyani not to do that. Kalyani asks why should she listen to characterless women. Constable asks another constable to drop Kalyani to the Pune train. Anupriya continues pleading and asks her to let her make a call to ACP Malhar Rane. ACP Malhar Rane is seen running with stolen booty with his goon friends and getting into a godown. Goons say it is everyone’s share. ACP Malhar Rane reveals he is ACP and got into their gang to catch them red-handed. Goons attack him. He trashes them all. His team arrives and arrests goons. He sees Anu’s call and thinks why Maayi is calling him.

Kalyani reaches her Pune home and looking at her parent’s pics reminisces time spent with her parents, their NOK jhok, etc.. then realizes her mother is dead and her last words were Anupriya, thinks Anu is responsible for her mother’s death, she will make Anu’s life hell.

Atharva reaches the police and bails out Anupriya. Constable says ACP Malhar is her senior, she trusts him, why did the girl lie, she was looking so innocent. Atharva asks what is girl’s name is. Constable says Kalyani. Atharva asks Maayi Anupriya what was that girl doing with her. Anupriya. asks him to trust her and says let us go to Pune. At Kalyani’s house, her landlord orders her to vacate the house. She says she will not. The landlord holds her and drags her towards the door. Anupriya walks in and showing legal papers says Kalyani will vacate the house sometime. The Landlord gives 1 hour and leaves. Atharva asks Anupriya why she wants to take this girl home, how is she related to her. Kalyani smirks and asks Anupriya to inform how she is related to her father. Anupriya stands tense.

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