My Heart Knows 9 November 2021: The Episode starts with Atharv keeping Kalyani in the big vessel and pouring rice on her. He says people will remember years’ kelvin’s food for years. Cooks come and keep the vessel on gas without checking it. Anupriya prays to God to expose Atharv. Cooks keep dal on the other stove and says food will be ready in half an hour. Anupriya sees Malhar returning back and thinks doesn’t know if Kalyani talked to him or not. 

Malhar asks where is Kalyani? Anupriya thinks then where is she? She turns her face towards Atharv and sees him smiling. She goes from there worriedly. Malhar and Atharv look at her. The cook tells me that the dal is smelling good and the rice shall be cooked nicely else Aparna Tai will chew me. Anupriya calls Kalyani and the phone rings near the vessel. Anupriya asks Atharv where is Kalyani? Atharv says you had said that it is about a woman’s problem. Anupriya asks him. Atharv says I don’t know where is she? Malhar suspects Atharv. Atharv says maybe Kalyani has done something which her would-be husband doesn’t want.

Anupriya says Kalyani is not yet married to you. Malhar comes near them. There is heavy wind and the gas stove is set off. Malhar asks Anupriya what is the problem. Atharv lies to him. Aao Saheb comes and asks Anupriya why she couldn’t wait to talk when Puja was happening. She says she will go and check the food. Atharv says Maayi gets worried unnecessary. Aao Saheb comes to the food pandal and asks if the rice is ready. She sees the stove off and scolds the cook. He burns the gas and takes the plate. Aao Saheb says rice is half cooked. They don’t see Kalyani’s hand. Kalyani is still inside the vessel while the rice is cooking without water.

Anupriya gets worried for Kalyani. Atharv keeps eye on her. Malhar asks Anupriya what she is searching for? Anupriya asks him to go and says she will come. She prays to God for Kalyani. Atharv smirks. Anupriya comes near the food pandal calling Kalyani and prays to God to protect her. A heavy wind comes. Cook asks the other cook to switch off the stove. Anupriya comes and collides with the vessel due to wind and the vessel falls down. Anupriya is shocked to see Kalyani and wipes off the hot rice from her body. She calls Aao Saheb and Malhar. Everyone comes there. Aao Saheb and Rao Saheb ask her to open their eyes. Anupriya tells that she was inside the vessel and prays to God. She hugs her. Kalyani opens her eyes. Anupriya cries and scolds the cooks for not checking the vessel before cooking. Malhar takes Kalyani inside. Kalyani feels a burning sensation. Malhar says he called the doctor and says doesn’t know how did she reach inside the vessel. He asks her to tell.

Kalyani says Atharv and recalls Atharv hitting on her head and tells that he hit me and then I fainted. She says he dragged me near the vessel and kept me inside. She says then he added rice on me and closed the vessel. She says she won’t remember what happened after that. Anupriya is shocked and says it is enough, I will not leave you. Pallavi holds her hand just as she is about to slap Atharv. She says my brother can’t do this thing. She says this girl is lying and saying nonsense. She asks if she has proof.

Malhar asks Atharv if Kalyani is saying the truth and asks him to answer else he will beat him with the hunter and pull out his skin. He pushes Atharv. Atharv falls on the swing, smiles, and accepts his crime. He then makes a sad face and tells that he couldn’t control his anger after listening to whatever Kalyani said to him. Does Kalyani say what did I say? Aao Saheb asks how dare you? If you are a human or animal, what did she say that you stoop so low. Atharv says I couldn’t control my anger and then got scared after doing this, and that’s why he hid her in the vessel. Rao Saheb slaps him hard.

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