My Heart Knows 12 January 2022: The Episode starts with Pawar telling Malhar that it is good that Maayi gave permission to them to do truth serum test. Malhar says I can’t do test on Anupriya as her condition can deteriorate and tells that he is doubtful about Kalyani, but he can’t do test on her again. Pawar says you haven’t changed. Malhar tells that he is sure that kalyani and Anupriya will take him to Sampada. Pawar tells him that he saw Vivek taking some papers from Divekar and was pleading infront of him. He says Divekar has a police record and is not good. Malhar says Pallavi and Vivek were taking Maayi to Mumbai to sell her kidney and says what might be the Divekar’s matter in this, I have to find about the papers. Anupriya wakes up in the night and thinks to check Pallavi’s mobile, even though she feels it is bad to peep in someone’s mobile. She takes her mobile and checks. Just then Pallavi turns in sleep. Anupriya keeps the phone back and thinks there is no call with Sampada and Atharv’s name. Kalyani is outside Aparna’s room and sees someone climbing Aao Saheb’s window wall. She beats the man and asks him to show his face, and tells that her husband is ACP Malhar Rane. Malhar is in the blanket while his face covered. Aao Saheb and others come there and asks what happened? Kalyani says some thief came here.

Malhar comes home and removes the blanket. Kalyani comes and praises herself. She tells that she kicks the thief and he fell very far. Malhar tells that’s why the blanket didn’t take it off his face. He closes the door. Kalyani realizes that he was the thief and asks why did he go to steal when he has so much change. Malhar tells her that he went to enquire about Vivek and Pallavi as the former met Divekar and took some papers. Kalyani says you still cares for Aai. He tells that his shoulder and back is paining. Kalyani offers to apply balm, but he refuses. He couldn’t apply balm or ointment on his back and puts it near Kalyani. Kalyani applies it on his shoulder. He feels pain and holds her hand. Kalyani blows on the affected side. Malhar wears his shirt fully.

Kalyani gives her laptop to Godaveri for studies and asks her to hide it before Aao Saheb sees it. Anupriya asks Kalyani if she find anything in Aparna’s mobile. Kalyani says no, she didn’t check. Anupriya tells that she couldn’t find anything in Pallavi’s mobile. A woman comes to Ahilya nivas from govt and asks about the members in the family. Ahilya says there are just 7 members. Woman asks where is Malhar Deshmukh. Kalyani laughs. Malhar says the name will be changed in a month. He comes to room and asks kalyani how dare is she to laugh at him. He feels pain in his shoulder. Aparna sees that and thinks she will not let kalyani snatch her daughter’s husband and says she will make place for Sampada in the house. She steals the papers from the file hearing it is confidential. Malhar talks to phone, take the file and goes. Aparna comes to Kalyani and says garbage collector vehicle is outside. She asks her to throw it.

Kalyani goes out to throw it and gives it to the garbage collector vehicle. Aparna says what you have done kalyani, you have thrown Malhar’s important papers. Anupriya gets one of the paper and tries to read it. She says important documents. Kalyani gets happy hearing Anupriya saying those words. Anupriya asks if she feels ashamed of her English. Kalyani asks her to say and gets happy when she says it. She hugs her happily. Anupriya asks did you get anything in Aparna’s mobile. Kalyani says no. Anupriya says Pallavi must have that PCO bill and says when she goes out, I will search that bill. She says when you were throwing the garbage, this paper fell down. Kalyani checks it and thinks it seems to be Malhar’s important document and thinks where are the other papers. She thinks if it went in the trash. She runs. Anupriya reads important document. Aao Saheb hears her and sees her sitting on her swing and pats heavily on her shoulder. Anupriya says sorry. Aao Saheb pushes the swing and hurts her. She asks what she was reading and asks her to sit. She asks her to answer from where she learnt English.

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