My Heart Knows 17 November 2021: Kinners come to Aao Saheb’s house to celebrate new born’s arrival. Aao Saheb says there is no new baby in the house. Kinners say they will find that out soon. There is no baby that doesn’t cry hearing them singing. They start singing. Kalyani hopes the baby doesn’t cry. The baby starts crying. 

Anupriya tries to calm him down. She recalls baby had stopped crying when Kalyani took him last time. She comes outside and tells Kalyani to go to the baby. One kinner sees Anupriya and says she saw a baby with her only. Kalyani comes to the room and it’s quiet. She is happy that the baby got quiet on her arrival only. She comes inside and sees Sampada holding a baby. She asks her how she ran away from Atharv? and Atharv is also at home, so he knows about that? Sampada’s phone rings. It’s Atharv. Kalyani puts it on speaker. Atharv says he said not to be emotional and she still went to see baby one last time. Now Malhar is also at home. He tells Sampada to come out fast, he’s waiting. Kalyani is shocked knowing Sampada is involved with Atharv. Kalyani tells Sampada all this time, she was making her and Anupriya fool? Sampada apologizes to her and says the truth is she never loved Malhar. She only loved one guy and that’s Atharv. She didn’t want to harm Kalyani. She and Atharv were going to run away quietly, but the doctor told her not to travel, so they had to do this kidnapping drama.

Anupriya says she doesn’t have any babies. Aao Saheb tells kinners don’t understand there is no baby in the house. Malhar gives them money. Kinners say they don’t want money from liars and leave.

Kalyani asks Sampada how she can leave baby and Malhar. Malhar loves her so much. Sampada tells Kalyani that she won’t be able to understand. She never truly loved anyone. She wants to spend her entire life with Atharv only. She walks to leave, but Kalyani stops her. She says she won’t let Sampada leave her baby like that. Sampada asks Kalyani to leave her. Kalyani doesn’t. Sampada pushes her and leaves.

Aao Saheb is upset as kinners talked disrespectfully to her. Malhar asks Anupriya whether she is okay. Sandhya comes there. The family asks about Sampada. Sandhya says why Sampada would be with her. Malhar says she went to medical camp with her, right? Sandhya says she said she would go, but last moment, she said she was not coming. Aao Saheb wonders where Sampada is then. Suddenly baby starts crying and everyone hears it outside. They check inside and are shocked to find a baby in Anupriya’s room. Aao Saheb slaps Anupriya and asks whose baby is that. Malhar picks up the baby and finds a note. He cries. He says it’s his and Sampada’s baby. Sampada has run away. Sampada’s mother says what he means. She reads the note and breaks down crying. Anupriya thinks Atharv wrote that fake note, so everyone thinks she ran away as they don’t know he kidnapped her. She decides to find him.

Sampada is running on the street. Kalyani is following her, trying to stop her. Sampada says she has made her decision. Kalyani says Atharv is not right for her, he’s very dangerous. Sampada says just like her family, she is not able to understand her either. She has only loved Atharv. Kalyani says she understands that she loves Atharv, but what about her baby? She’s a mother now. How a mother can leave her child. Sampada says before mother to that child, she is Sampada and Sampada is incomplete without Atharv. She asks Kalyani to stop following her now. A police car comes. They think it’s Malhar, but Kalyani gets shocked seeing the person inside.

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