My Heart Knows 2 February 2022: My Heart Knows update Wednesday 2nd February 2022 The Episode starts with Sneha telling Anupriya that she will take back the case. Anupriya says such a man shall be punished. Sneha says he didn’t do anything with me. Anupriya asks why did you blame him? Sneha says she got lots of money for doing this. Kalyani as Sheikh comes out of Sneha’s house hits on Sampada’s head and locks her in the car. She then removes her fake beard. Sampada is shocked and faints. Sneha tells that the rich man gives her the money. Anupriya asks who was that guy and gets up from the sofa. Sneha pulls her scarf and sees Anupriya, recognizing seeing her. She pulls her mustache and says you are Kalyani’s Aai. Anupriya says yes and pushes her. Sneha gets up and bangs Anupriya’s hand on the wall and hurts her. She hits on her stomach and hurts her. She smashes the phone with her legs and ties her. She says you wanted to trap me and says it is not that easy. Anupriya says whatever you did with Malhar is wrong. Sneha takes the mobile and is about to delete the video. Kalyani comes there and is shocked, calls Anupriya.

Atharv tells Malhar that he is not even Constable now and says I can bear all the expenses of your house. Rao comes and gives Malhar’s suspension order. Commissioner tells that your stars and medals will be snatched and you will be taken to Pune for inquiry. Sneha threatens Kalyani to kill Anupriya and is about to delete the video, but the phone gets off. She asks her to throw the charger. Kalyani throws the charger. Sneha says you can’t save your husband, he will go to jail. Atharv asks Rao to stop and says I will record the video so that Malhar’s son knows how his respect got ruined. Rao takes out his stars. Atharv records the video and tells that Kalyani’s fast is wasted. She should have been here, and gets happy and smiles. Rao takes out his medals and belts. Kalyani gets hold of Sneha and beats her. She asks if she ever thought about how the woman feel who becomes a victim. Sneha gets up and hits Kalyani while she tries to send the video to Commissioner and Malhar. Kalyani asks Anupriya to press send button with her foot. Rao tells Malhar that he can’t make him wear handcuffs. Atharv says I will do the honors. Malhar asks him to back off else he will beat him. Atharv backs off. Malhar asks Rao to make him wear handcuffs. Sneha tries to threaten Anupriya and hurts Kalyani, asking her if she tries to press the button then she will kill her.

Rao and Pawar take Malhar out of the Police station, to go to Pune. People gather there and tell that such policeman shall be beaten to death. Anupriya tries to press the send button. Sneha leaves Kalyani and deletes the video from the phone. She asks what you will do now, I have deleted the video. Rao gets a video of Sneha confessing to her crime. Atharv gets shocked. Kalyani and Anupriya cry. Sneha sits on the sofa laughs. Kalyani sees that the video is sent and tells Anupriya that she has sent the video before Sneha deleted it. Sneha gets shocked and runs from there. Kalyani hugs Anupriya and says I love you Aai. We have done it. They have an emotional hug. Kalyani says now Malhar will not go to jail. She says Sneha eloped. Anupriya says let her go, now we have the proof. She says now the accusation will be cleared. Rao tells Malhar that the video message came from Kalyani’s phone, which means she made Sneha confess to the crime. Malhar recalls Kalyani telling her that she has faith in her fast and Bappa will prove his innocence before 5 pm. Atharv says what a cunning girl, Sneha is and asks why he was silent till now? Commissioner asks Malhar why he was silent.

Kalyani calls Anupriya. Anupriya says malhar is busy getting Godaveri’s pics from Atharv and says Rao said that he is busy. Kalyani says he would have sent a thank you message or a smile at least. Anupriya says you did a big work, but becomes a small girl. Kalyani hugs her saying Aai. Anupriya says I never thought that I will get the happiness of a loving daughter and asks her to come home. Kalyani asks her to go and says I have to see Sampada. Pawar tells Malhar that he gave the news to Kalyani about his freedom and whispers that Sneha eloped. Malhar laughs and tells Atharv that Sneha is in his custody.

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