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My Heart Knows 20 October 2021: Kalyani sarcastically asks Anupriya/Anu if she did not inform Atharvya how she is related to her father. Atharva says Maayi did not and he does not want to know also from a girl who does not respect Maayi. He goes to get a taxi. Anu says to Kalyani that she has to stay with her for 6 months until she turns 18 years. Kalyani yells she will not stay with her. While packing bags, she finds divorce papers and finds out Madhuri wanted to take divorce from Atul. She blames Anu for it and yells why she broke our happy family, why did not she eye on any other man and eye on her father. Kalyani warns her to shut up. Atharva brings a taxi.

At home, Ahilya walks into the kitchen and scolds servants for wasting groceries. Pallavi starts her jokergiri. Ahilya gives only 2 potatoes. Pallavi asks why only 2 potatoes. Ahilya says her FIL has diabetes, her husband has a bulging tummy, she does not have food after sunset, so 2 potatoes are enough. Malhar walks in with his wife and greets them. Ahilya gets happy. Malhar feeds them laddoos and informs them he is becoming his father and Ahilya’s great-grandmother. Ahilya says if Anu was here, she would have been happier, she has gone to the temple. Malhar thinks Maayi lied that she spent the night in the police station, there must be some reason, he has to hide it from family.

Anu takes Kalyani to hostel. Atharva gets bags down. Kalyani and his nok jhok starts. Anu takes her to the hostel principal who asks her not to worry, Kalyani will grow well here safely. He says he is sad to hear that Kalyani’s father killed her mother, they were so much in love. Kalyani shouts they should fight always and were seeking divorce all because of. Anu stops her. And then takes her away and gives their mobile number and landline and asks to call her landline if needed but not tell who she is. Kalyani yells why should not she, let Anu’s family know how characterless she is. Anu slips and falls into the dirt. Kalyani walks to her and yells she is fit to be in the dirt and hopes she does not meet her again. Anu also hopes she does not meet this arrogant spoilt girl.

Back at home, Ahilya teaches pranayam to children and scolds them to perform well. Anu walks in. Ahilya asks why did not she pick their phone the whole night, where was she. Malhar says he had asked Maayi to not pick calls as she was busy praying.

In the hostel, Kalyani’s roommates discuss her father killed her mother and maybe having an affair. Kalyani yells and shouts at them. The next day, Kalyani with her friend fixes the massage parlor ad pamphlet with Anu’s number and tells her friend Anu deserves this. A man calls the landline and asks Ahilya if Anu stays here, how much she charges for massage, does she relaxes the client well. Ahilya warns if he has gone mad, they are a respectable family, she will get him arrested via his ACP son-in-law. Malhar asks not to worry, he will get it investigated.

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