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My Heart Knows 5 January 2022: The Episode starts with Kalyani telling Anupriya that they can’t do anything till they come to know about Malhar’s conspiracy. She asks Anupriya if she prepared for the test. Anupriya says she can take only one tension at a time. A student tells that they are talking like lovers. Kalyani asks if he is jealous and asks him to sit with them, saying we, the three friends will talk. She makes him fall down and says I am very smart, and asks him not to be over smart. Anupriya asks Kalyani not to have a fight. The teacher comes and says you both were not here. Kalyani says sorry and tells that she has all the notes. The teacher asks Anupriya about the Mughal dynasty and asks if she knows the Mughal emperor’s name. She asks if she took admission to skip kitchen work. Anupriya recalls Kalyani practicing the names and tells all Mughal emperor names. She then gives the answer to the question. Kalyani tells the teacher that Anupriya took admission to college to become independent and tells that Anupriya is best at kitchen work.

Pallavi tells Vinay that she had saved Aparna from Malhar and got all her jewelry. Vinay says it was my mistake to trust you and says I told the moneylender that I will give the half house to him, but seems like the order will be completed. He says now the moneylender is asking me to return his 2.5 lakhs money. Pallavi says at least I got this jewelry, you can’t do even this. The moneylender comes there and asks for his money. Vinay opens the jewelry boxes and asks him to keep them. The moneylender tells that it is less than the commission which I gave. Pallavi asks him to give some time. The moneylender gets a call and tells them that he wants an A+ blood kidney for his Aai. Pallavi thinks this is Anupriya’s blood group and thinks she found the solution. Kalyani recalls Malhar’s words that he has to accuse Anupriya and arrest her to do the truth serum test. The Godavari calls Anupriya and tells that Aparna Tai went to market in Amrutnagar. Kalyani says Aparna will call her surely, but not from a landline or her number, we have to reach there as Aparna must be calling her from PCO. Anupriya asks her to stay back in college and goes.

Aparna talks to Sampada via PCO and tries to convince her to return to Malhar, but Sampada tells that she will never return to Malhar. She ends the call. Aparna leaves. Anupriya goes to PCO and dials redial. Sampada asks why she is calling her again and again and tells that she is very happy with Atharv in Mumbai and will never return. Anupriya is shocked. Sampada ends the call. Anupriya asks the PCO guy to give the number of the bill. The man says ok. Kalyani says if Sampada is alive then malhar will search for her and his doubt will end forever. The principal comes there with the constable and says Police have a doubt that students are using something wrong and asks them to leave their bags and leave. Constable comes out and asks whose bag is this? Kalyani thinks this bag is of Anupriya. The student says this bag is of aunty. Kalyani says this is of my friend. Constable says we found a cigarette packet in her bag.

Kalyani says cigarette is not allowed, but it is not a crime. Constable says this is an illegal cigarette made by a local company. Malhar is connected to the constable and asks him to tell that they will do the test at home. He says he has no other way to know if Sampada is alive and thinks of Aparna’s words and believes that Anupriya has broken the CD. Anupriya gets Sampada’s number and thinks to inform Malhar. Malhar thinks today the truth and lie game will end. Constable asks where is Anupriya? Kalyani thinks to stop Anupriya from reaching the college. Anupriya thinks to go to Malhar with Kalyani and show the bill in which Kalyani’s number is there.

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