My Heart Knows Wednesday update 26 April 2022 Zee world: The Episode starts with the taxi driver taking Kalyani and Sarthak to Ahilya Nivas and says he dropped them here. Kalyani thanks the driver. She tells Sarthak that Atharv might have thought that they will not search Aai again in the house. Sarthak says we will search Anupriya in the house. Kalyani asks bappa to help her and stop her marriage with Atharv in the evening. Aao Saheb knocks on the door calling Kalyani. Sampada gets worried and thinks Kalyani shall come fast. Atul asks what happened? Aao Saheb says guests are coming and asking about Kalyani. Atul calls her and knocks on the door. Sampada gets tensed. Atharv knocks on the door, breaks the door and gets inside. They see Kalyani sleeping on bed. Atul calls her. Kalyani pretends to wake up and tells that she doesn’t know what happened to her when she was playing sindoor khela with the ladies. She recalls Sarthak asking her to get ready for marriage and they will search Anupriya. She recalls getting inside the room through the window and pretending to sleep. She asks Bappa to help her search Aai else she has to marry Atharv. Sarthak tells Malhar that it is good that Atharv doesn’t know that Anupriya is here in the house and asks him to ask his constables to search her. Malhar thanks him. Sarthak asks him to thank Kalyani and says you are very lucky to have Kalyani as your lifepartner. Malhar says I know. Atharv takes Kalyani to the hall and shows her marriage decorations. Atul says Atharv did this arrangements overnight thinking you like bengali custom and says you will marry infront of Goddess idol. Atharv says we will marry in 1 hour. They clap. Kalyani says marriage was in the night. Atul tells that Pandit ji told that Mahurat is good and if the sindoor even touches the maang of bride then the marriage happens. Kalyani asks where is our Pandit ji. Atharv asks her to go and get ready fast. Kalyani says I can’t get ready in 1 hour. Atul says you can get ready in 1 min and half. Atharv asks her to get ready.

Malhar talks to the constables on conference call and asks them to search Anupriya everywhere. Atul asks her to come. Atharv thinks your bidaai will happen in 2 hours and thinks she thought herself and Malhar as intelligent. He says either your bidaai or your mum’s bidaai will happen. Pawar and Rao couldn’t find Anupriya. Sarthak asks Malhar not to worry as the marriage is at night. Malhar gets Kalyani’s message that marriage is in one hour. Aparna gets Kalyani ready for marriage. Kalyani says I have failed to search my Aai. She says Malhar ji, Kaka and I tried a lot, but failed to locate you. She opens the sindoor bottle and sees poison. She says once she finds her after the marriage, she will eat poison and give her life, as she can’t stay with Atharv and it is better to die. She says you will be very upset with me, but will understand my helplessness. She says I will make Atharv lose even if I have to give away my life. Atharv comes there wearing the sehra. Kalyani asks if he came to hear that she has lost and he has won. She asks him to go and says she don’t want to see his face. The groom is not atharv, but Malhar and he keeps his hand on her mouth. Kalyani says Malhar ji you…She asks about Atharv. Malhar says what do you think that I will let you marry Atharv.

A fb is shown, Atharv sings song and applies perfume. He says it is costly. Malhar says lets play your band before marriage and hits him to make him unconscious. Atharv faints. Kalyani gets happy and says she don’t hope this smartness from you and says I mean. Malhar asks her to keep her thoughts to herself. Kalyani says there is a problem and says Atharv is taller than you. Malhar says I will hear heels and asks why did she tell this. Kalyani laughs and says you have become smart being with me. She says I have seen in films that brides change before marriage and says if Aai comes to know about this…She says you have to save my Aai. Malhar says I will get info about Aai from Atharv’s men. He says we will search Maai. He says I hope that we will find Aai. Kalyani says you are the best Malhar ji and hugs him. Song plays….tere bin ab….tujhe kitna chahne lage hum…He holds her and hugs her. Kalyani looks at him surprisingly. Malhar also looks at her. He says I will leave, take care. Kalyani prays to Ganapati Bappa and asks him to help her, like he always helps her. She folds her hands.

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