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My Identity 14 May 2021: My Identity update Friday 14th May 2021, Meher/Juhi hearing Ali. Ballu stops her. Dayaben opens the door and asks what’s happening here. Amol lies that he got a call from lab. He sends Avni. He answers Dayaben’s call. Fatima says my heart is restless, Ali is in problem, he is not coward to run away. Avni says I know, I will find him. Fatima says you know, he will never wish bad for you and Neil. Avni says I know. Riya says I told you Ali did this, he has run away.

Avni asks her to stop nonsense. Shweta argues with Avni. Ballu scolds Meher and raises hand. Gurumaa holds his hand and scolds him, saying they won’t get right price for Meher if he does this. She asks Meher to turn and see her special gift. Meher sees a whip, and apologizes to Gurumaa. Gurumaa scolds her. Neela says we all know Ali loved Avni, but his love was not wrong, Ali can’t hurt Neil and Avni, Avni is my pride, she always supports truth, very soon you all will see it. Bebe says yes, Neil will bring truth out.

Gurumaa scares Meher and beats Ballu. She asks how did this girl came out, you did mistake. She asks Meher to say what should be her punishment. Meher says I was passing by and heard someone crying, I didn’t hear anyone’s talk. Gurumaa says I m glad you said truth, see how came, my special guest, Dayavanti Mehta, this is my Rang mahal kohinoor Meher, take Dayaben’s blessings. Dayaben asks Meher not to touch her, else she has to bath by gangajal. Gurumaa laughs and says your punishment is, your share of food will be given to that man, you will stay hungry. She sends Meher.

DD says we didn’t find Ali. Neil says I will go home and talk to Neela and Avni, maybe we can find Ali’s innocence. He goes. Amol tampers the cctv footage. Constable calls DD and says engineer is checking, there is some problem in footage, I will get footage soon. DD asks him to take it to Neil’s house. Amol says just 10 mins. Avni seeks help from her old friend. Constable gives the packet to Avni and says give this to Neil, he is on the way. Avni says I will open this after Neil comes. She gets a call and asks about Ali, I will get his pic. She keeps envelop and goes.

Riya opens the envelop and gets pendrive. Avni sets aarti plate. Riya keeps pendrive under the flowers in aarti plate. Ali struggles and says I have to reach Avni somehow. He sees broken glass pieces. Meher gets the food for him and signs him about Ballu. She says his hands are tied, how will he eat. Ballu says you feed him, wait I will feed him. Ali turns face away. Meher moves a glass piece close to Ali. Ali looks at her and signs.

Fatima says so you believe Ali is a criminal. Neil says no, I can save him if I know where he is, I want your help, I want proof. Avni comes and says someone has seen Ali on Goa highway, maybe he was in some car. Bebe says Bappa always supports truth, he will make all problems away, do aarti and then go. He says every moment is precious, I will inform my team and join. They all do aarti. Neil asks Avni where is footage. She asks what. He asks about envelop. She says I kept it on table. He says I didn’t see. She says I will see after aarti ends. He says I don’t have time, come with me, that pendrive had hospital footage. She says I didn’t check. Bebe calls them. Avni asks Neil to come. Ali gets the glass piece and cuts the rope. He gets free.

Ali checks the place. He gets some hangers. Shweta leans to jerk Avni. Neil sees pendrive in aarti plate. He looks at Avni. He plays the pendrive. Avni says this can’t be Ali, he can never do such thing. Ali tries to open the door bolt. He opens the door. He sees Ballu coming.

Avni says someone tampered this footage. Shweta says Bappa came home, aarti just ended, have some shame, don’t lie so much for your friend. Neil goes. Fatima says no, this is wrong, its a lie. Shweta taunts. Bebe asks Shweta to shut up. She scolds Shweta. Ali hides from Ballu. Ali says I have to save Avni. He leaves. Avni asks what do you want to say, I have hidden pendrive, your silence is blaming me, you think I helped Avni to run. He asks shall I take this as your confession, why don’t you trust me, I have always fulfilled my promise, tell me what you want to. She says I m saying, but you are believing Ali wrong.

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