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My Identity 16 July 2021: My Identity update Friday 16th July 2021, Avni hears about Preeti’s duty. Maan misbehaves with Preeti. She says let me go. He says I will let you go after a while. Avni comes and says leave her. He leaves Preeti and asks do you want to come in her plan, you must have heard my name, women are weak, they have to bow down in front of men. She frees Preeti and sends her. She wears handcuffs and asks do you like girls with handcuffs, you said right, women are weak. She keeps a phone to record. She beats him. She says now tell me, who is weaker, woman or you. She asks him to apologize to Preeti. He apologizes and leaves. 

Avni says stop…. take this video, you are getting beaten up by a woman in this, I have sent your video to everyone, if you touch any girl again, you will be disrespected, this video will go viral on social media. He leaves. Avni consoles Preeti.

Jailer says there is a competition announced for Christmas, winner will get chat party and more time for visitors, everyone get ready for surprise, there will be two Santa this time. Tara and Sitara come as Santa and argue. Mausi says we will win. Sunehri dances on Kajra mohabbat wala….. Avni dances with Preeti and makes her smile. Neil comes there. Neil and Avni see each other. Music…..plays…..Neil holds her and hugs her. He says I m meeting you after so many days, how are you, you were hurt, say something, I promise I will take you out of here soon, then we will be happy forever. They hug. He sees Avni away.

My Identity 16 July 2021: She recalls his words and thinks he didn’t trust you, you also don’t trust love now, love is a lie. He thinks I’m hurt that you don’t trust me, I had no other option. He introduces himself to jailer. He tells everyone that its his duty to have a survey in every jail, he will check the security, they can tell him if they have any complaints. He asks DD to note down complaints. DD asks Sunehri to say her complaint. She asks why did you not come here before. Neil asks does anyone else have any complaints. He asks Avni. She says I m Avni Aisha, I didn’t had any complaints till now, but…. He thinks I have to find out if you tries to run away from this jail.

Jailer asks Neil shall I order lunch for you. Neil says no, get me same lunch as prisoners have. She goes. He sees Avni on CCTV. He gets Neela’s call. She asks how is Avni, did she take medicines, is she upset with you, just stay calm. He asks her not to worry. She says don’t lose courage, just remember our motive. Avni thinks Neil is here, did he doubt that I m planning to run, I have to block the tunnel first. She waits for nurse. Neil comes and asks won’t you have dressing. She says its not needed. They argue. He stops her and says you will sit here till your dressing happens. She thinks some wounds can never heal. He holds her hand to do aid. They have an eyelock. He says Monica is a trained fighter, so she gave you this wounds, maybe she wants to run away from jail, or maybe there is someone else.

He does the aid and says I will make sure if everything is fine, I will fix any problem, don’t think you will be given special treatment as you are my wife, okay. She asks wife? You have arrested your wife without thinking anything, you have given special treatment to your wife, I don’t wish anyone to get such a special treatment and husband like this, I m not a fool, prisoner never expects special treatment from a police officer, since when did you start caring for other’s wound, you are an expert in giving wounds to other, I have duty in kitchen, it will be right if we do our work. She thinks to do planning with Ali. He thinks I will never let you succeed in breaking this prison.

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