My Identity update Friday 19 February 2021 On Starlife


My Identity 19 February 2021: My Identity update Friday 19th February 2021, The Episode starts with Avni saying we have to find out who changed reports and why, someone did this intentionally, who did not wish me to get right reports, so reports were burnt. She recalls Riya’s words. She says Riya did not burn the reports, she said all this to save Dayaben, it means Dayaben burnt reports. Ali says it means Dayaben did all this. Avni recalls Dayaben’s reaction seeing police. She says when police came home, her behavior was strange, she felt police came to catch her for accident case. She gets a call from Neela. Neela asks where are you, come back soon, Dayaben will come home anytime. Avni says fine, I will come soon. She leaves.

Dayaben and Diksha are on the way. Diksha teases her. Dayaben asks her to be quiet. Diksha asks did you do that accident. She laughs. Dayaben uses asthma pump. Diksha says I m sorry but I m getting laugh seeing you. Dayaben says I will slap you now. Their car stops at signal. Avni sees Dayaben and hides inside the car. Dayaben sees Neela’s car. Ali asks Avni why did you pull me, did you see Dayaben. Avni says she is here, look. Ali sees Dayaben. Diksha says Neela went to her Maayka, what is her driver doing here, we will call home and find out where is Neela. She calls home. Neela answers. Diksha ends call and smiles. Dayaben asks who’s sitting in car. Diksha says there is no one at home, just Neela and Avni are at home.

My Identity 19 February 2021 Dayaben signs and asks driver to stop the car after signal. He says fine. Avni apologizes to driver for getting stuck. He says I m worried for both of you. Ali asks will Dayaben lock me in room also. Avni asks driver to stop car. He stops the car. Avni sees Dayaben coming and hides. Dayaben says I have to check car, who is there. Driver says no one is there. Dayaben says then move, let me see. She checks car and does not see anyone. She asks him to drive ahead, she is following. Avni and Ali look on. Avni says how shall we reach home now.

Neela asks driver what happened. He signs about Dayaben. Neela gets quiet. Diksha says you would have joined us and came to temple, did you had any other plan. Dayaben goes to check Avni. She opens the lock and sees Avni praying in the room. She locks room and goes. Neela knocks on the door. Its Angie in Avni’s place. Neela smiles. Neela calls Avni and says it happened as per planning, do your work and come soon, take care. Avni thanks Neela.

My Identity 19 February 2021 Avni and Ali meet the police inspector. Ali feels hungry. Inspector orders food for him. Inspector asks Avni how did she come, how is her mum. Avni says she is no more, she met with an accident. He asks why did you come here then. Avni cries and says I came here for my mumma, she left us, but I feel she did not die by accident. He asks why do you feel so. Ali sits eating. Avni tells everything and shows hospital reports. She shows fake reports coming by fake email id. She says both reports are different. Inspector checks.

Diksha says we thought to catch Avni red handed, but he was at home, your plan flopped. Dayaben feeds her medicine. Constable calls Dayaben and says madam, Avni has come here, she is with inspector. Dayaben asks are you sure. Constable says she is infront of me, shall I send her pic. Dayaben says no need, you will get your money, inform me when she leaves from there. Diksha asks any problem.

Inspector says I have seen both reports, do you doubt on anyone, what do you want to do. Avni says I doubt on Dayavanti, can I file case against her. He says no, this is not solid proof against her, we will investigate about fake reports, if doctors say Asha died by suffocation, we will find out the reason, we can’t file case against Dayavanti, if she is involved, it will come out, the death cause has to come out first, then we will get evidence, if Dayavanti is involved, I promise no one can save her. Avni thanks him. He says God bless you.

My Identity 19 February 2021 Ali asks Avni not to take tension, inspector will catch Dayaben. Avni says how will I keep an eye on her. Ali asks her to come home, Fatima and Tiku are missing you, Dayaben will not meet you at night, we will set everything by talking to Neela. Avni says I can’t leave Aman alone there, I don’t want to trouble Neela, go and tell Fatima and Tiku that I will get Aman home soon, then we will stay together. Ali hugs her. He takes a taxi and leaves. Avni takes a taxi and leaves. She recalls inspector’s words. She sees the route different and says my house way is not this. Driver smiles. She asks where are you taking me uncle, listen to me, stop the car. He stops the taxi.


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