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My Identity 2 July 2021: My Identity update Friday 2nd July 2021 The Episode starts with Neil getting shocked on seeing Vidyut and Mishti in police station. Vidyut complains about Neil. He says Mishti comes to me always, as she is raised in my house. He recalls sending Ballu to kidnap Mishti. He says she is Juhi’s daughter, I got to know she is Neil’s daughter, she thinks she is my daughter, she is so scared of them, what’s my mistake if she trusts me. Neil says he is lying, this is his plan, he kidnapped the girl, you can ask Juhi. He asks Juhi to tell the truth to Sir. Vidyut asks Juhi to say what he did for Mishti. Juhi says I didn’t know about my pregnancy when I was taken to Rangmahal, I gave birth to this girl, Vidyut took good care of her, this is the truth. Neil and DD get shocked. Juhi says I just want my daughter, nothing else. She takes Mishti and goes. Commissioner scolds Neil for using laws for his personal motives. He asks Neil to leave. Neil angrily sees Vidyut. Everyone worries for Mishti.

Juhi gets Mishti and asks Avni how did Vidyut take her from home, when I asked you to look after her for some time, how can you be so careless Avni. She takes Mishti with her. Neil comes. Avni says Neil…. Neil goes to Juhi. Juhi asks Mishti not to come out of room. Neil says you cheated me. Juhi says why don’t you ask Avni, Vidyut had Mishti, I was helpless to say what he wanted, you know he is dangerous, if he hurts Vidyut… He says what happened to you, you used to fight for truth. She says I had your love and its strength to fight with world, I don’t have it now. She goes.

Shweta attends Mishti and goes. Gurumaa comes to meet Mishti. She says I promised you that I will get tamarind and sugar, why are you sad, you are an illegitimate child, you will remain sad. Mishti says Neil said I shouldn’t stay sad. Gurumaa says yes, right, I will tell you what to do if anyone makes you sad. Avni says I swear Juhi, I was with Avni, I went to Bebe. Juhi starts scolding her. Avni says you are raising question on my alertness. Juhi asks how can you be so careless, how did you become selfish. Avni says I saved her, I accepted that girl who is Neil’s past, I m trying to help you. Juhi says you are counting your favors. Avni says no. Mishti hits Juhi with a stone. They all get shocked. Avni sees Mishti and recalls her childhood. Mishti says don’t make my angel sad, don’t make her cry.

Juhi says you taught this to her. Avni says no. Juhi scolds her. Neil looks on. Gurumaa says Avni won over Dayaben, Dayaben died in fire, now Avni will burn in fire, I will complete Dayaben’s work, Avni staked her life for Meher, Meher is ready to burn Avni’s life, a woman is the biggest enemy of another woman.

Mishti says I m upset with you, you are bad, I hate you. Juhi gets shocked. Avni says no Mishti, you did much wrong, Juhi is your friend, say sorry. Mishti says no, she made you cry, I will protect you, everyone is sad because of Juhi. Avni says you did wrong. Juhi asks Avni to stop her drama. Avni asks do you think I can do this. Bebe asks Neil to call doctor. Neil says I have called. Juhi asks Avni who taught this to Mishti. Neil asks her to stop it. Juhi says stop it, Mishti is hating me, what else will Avni teach her, don’t lie Avni. Doctor comes and sees Juhi’s wound. He asks who has hit the stone. Prakash says a little kid. Vidyut comes as doctor’s assistant. He says its a police case, shall I call police. They all get shocked seeing Vidyut. Vidyut says but this is policeman’s house. Avni holds Mishti.

Vidyut asks Neil to relax, there are changes in your house, this should be headlines. Neil holds his collar and asks him to get out. Vidyut says take care of Juhi, can I take this stone, I will have a small memory in heart, thank you so much. He picks the stone. He says a small suggestion, increase your security, even that won’t help, I m Vidyut, I can come anywhere anytime like electricity. Neil says get out. Vidyut smiles and leaves.

Neela says matter got much ahead now. Shweta says you would have slapped Juhi if you were there, she spoke so badly with Avni, everyone feels Juhi is innocent, I have a bad fate, I have to take care of her. Neela says I want to believe you, I m confused, who is teaching this to Mishti. Vidyut sees Neil and Avni’s pic. He tells Juhi that he could have killed her, but he needs her in game, Avni is very smart, she would have solved this case if he didn’t make her busy, there is one way to break her, just freshen her old wounds. Neela says Avni’s wounds are getting fresh, Avni has hit a stone at Dayaben and she was called illegitimate forever. Shweta says this word is taught to Mishti too, Avni will break down, you left Ashish, will Avni walk on same path, we have to stop her. Neela asks her not to do anything. Juhi asks what shall I do now, Avni didn’t do till now. He asks her to calm her anger. She ends call and turns. She sees Neil at the door.

Neil asks are you fine. She says I m not just hurt at head, but at heart too. He says I can understand your pain, but Avni is not the reason, how can she think of hurting anyone. Juhi says who is getting benefits from this, Avni, Mishti is going to her, Avni is angel and you are superman, am I a devil. They argue. She says one day Avni will take Mishti and go, illegitimate mum and illegitimate daughter. Neil shouts Juhi and raises hand. Avni stops him.

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