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My Identity 25 June 2021 update: The Episode starts with Neil getting close to Avni. She gets back. They sit and talk. She says I can understand what you went through knowing Juhi and I went to market. He says I was scared that Vidyut can see you two. She says Vidyut can’t be out for much time, Neela told me that we should share everything, but without hurting everything. He agrees. She says we should not get angry. He says we will fight in private, it was my mistake, Juhi came to me and said I should not be annoyed. She asks did Juhi say. He says yes, she said I should talk to you once. She leaves his hand.

He asks what happened, you said we can share everything. She says I don’t want to say anything. She goes. He says why does she always say incomplete thing. Juhi asks Mishti to have milk, as she fulfilled the promise. Mishti runs. Juhi says I will punish you. Mishti says no Sir, don’t lock me in room. Juhi says no Mishti. Shweta scolds Juhi. Juhi says I was not scaring her, I was telling her so that she drinks milk. Shweta takes Mishti with her. Neela says the children who got pain and fear than love in childhood, its not easy to deal with them, when Avni came in my life, I just knew I love her a lot and I can do anything for her. Juhi says the relation between Mishti and Avni is very strong, I don’t think she will love me as Avni. Neela says make your own place, you have to take her where Avni is not there. Juhi asks what do you mean.

Shweta says I will explain, Avni and Neil take care of you and Mishti, but they also have a life, they are a married couple, they always think for you, they will have children, think how will you feel at that time, you are going Canada, you can go tonight. Neela says but… Shweta says I m saying right.

My Identity 25 June 2021: Juhi says yes, but how will I manage. Neela says we will help you, we will make you and Mishti spend much time, this place is not safe for you. Juhi says but Neil and Avni won’t let me go. Shweta says because you didn’t show you can manage alone, you have to show you will raise Mishti alone and fulfill your responsibilities.

Neil sees Avni angry. He takes the pillow back. She asks him to leave her. He says I won’t let you go over, till you tell me why are you hurt. She says you are ACP in your office. He says you know I don’t force you, why do you create a wall between us, why are you annoyed, you came to explain me, we should not hide thins, why are you behaving such. He goes. Prakash sees Neil sad and asks what happened, cold war again. Neil says hot war, its impossible to understand women, if we ask what happened, its silence. Prakash says your problem is your wife is silent, my problem is my wife is never silent. He jokes. He gets coffee. Neil says I don’t want.

Prakash asks him to try it, its made by him. Neil drinks coffee and smells it. He says coffee with whiskey. Prakash says its punjabi type coffee. Neil says I did mistake and said sorry, she also said sorry, then silence, why, if I ask, she asks me not to force. Prakash asks what’s the reason. Neil signs she is silent. Avni says I don’t want to become Aisha, my heart breaks, but Neil doesn’t hear the sound. She sees his pic and cries. She says I thought you wanted to say sorry on your own, but you said sorry as Juhi told you, I accepted Mishti as Neela accepted me, I m not Neela and Aisha, I can’t do this, I can accept Mishti, but not Juhi, you are just mine Neil.

Juhi gets her bag ready. She sees Mishti’s drawing of angel and superman. Shweta comes to her. Shweta says you are doing this by your wish and for Mishti, there is no way that she accepts you, you also want Mishti to accept you as mum, right? Juhi says fine I m ready. Shweta says you took right decision, I will explain Mishti, meet me outside house, Bebe, Neil and Avni shouldn’t know, Neela will arrange the car for you.

Prakash says if you said sorry, why did you take Juhi’s name, Avni would have thought you said sorry on her saying. Neil says I didn’t understand this, you are great. Prakash says go now, all the best. Neil thanks him. Mishti looks on. She comes to Avni and says angel is sad, superman is also sad, Juhi didn’t complete promise. She cries. Avni sees her and asks what happened, why are you crying. Neil comes and asks what happened. Mishti says I saw a dream, a devil came and made angel and superman fight, who will protect me now. Avni says I will protect you, give me a hug. Mishti says I want superman’s hug together. Neil signs Avni. Neil says we both will hug you, we promised angel and superman will always protect you. They open arms to hug. Mishti gets down and away. Neil and Avni hug. Mishti says fight over, friendship starts. He runs and says I got angel and superman’s friendship done, Juhi failed, but you did it. Shweta says yes, Juhi made them fight, I have a surprise, we will go out, we won’t tell angel and superman.

My Identity 25 June 2021 update: Avni asks Neil to leave her. He says Neela told you we shouldn’t hurt each other, I told sorry as I wanted to, no one forced me, I told Juhi I know what to do, I didn’t hide about Juhi, it doesn’t prove she told me to say sorry, do you really think I need any Juhi to know what to tell you, I know my past complications are taking our relation to different level, I told you before I m not Ashish, you are not Aisha, I got Mishti back because of you, not Juhi, I m able to face this complicated phase because you are with me. She apologizes. He holds her hand. Mana ke teri….plays…..He holds her face…. She goes away.

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