My Identity update Friday 26th February 2021 Starlife


My Identity 26 February 2021: The Episode starts with Ketan saying I did paperwork, Diksha will be coming. Diksha comes cruing and hugs Dayaben. She says I was getting scared. Dayaben asks her not to cry. Diksha says we will go home. She gets shocked seeing mental hospital guys. She asks what are they doing here. Dayaben says this is good for everyone. Diksha refuses to go. Avni looks on. Diksha is taken away in the van. Dayaben asks Ketan to go and do paperwork.

Avni asks Dayaben why did you do this with Diksha, you did wrong thing, why did you punish her, you are very bad. Dayaben says when cats knows she has given birth to ill children, she kills her ill children to stop disease spreading, I just made Diksha away, you were playing game, its not easy to win over me, you have emotions for Aladin, not Diksha. She taunts Avni and goes. Avni prays for Aladin.

Aladin gets conscious. Goons catch him and give him some injection. Goons sit talking, singing and laughing. Avni gets sad. Ali comes to meet her. Avni smiles seeing him and hugs. She asks where did you go leaving me. He says sorry, tell me what happened with Aladin. She says Dayaben got to know everything, that Kabir is Aladin. He asks where is Aladin. She says Dayaben got him kidnapped by sending fake police, don’t know where is he.

He says how did Dayaben know this, she fails our game, we will complain about her to inspector. Avni says no, Aladin will get caught, he was staying in her house in disguise, I m worried for Aladin. He says I will not leave Dayaben. She says I have to find Aladin. He asks do you have any idea. She says no, I m scared. He hugs her and says now I will never leave you. She sees Dayaben and Ketan coming and hides with Ali. Ali asks why did we hide. Avni says we have to follow Dayaben to find Aladin. Dayaben and Ketan leave in two cars. Avni says both cars are going different way, you follow Dayaben, I will follow Ketan, I m sure she has sent Ketan to Aladin, keep phone on, go fast. Ali leaves in a taxi. She also hires a taxi and asks driver to follow that car. Driver smiles and asks what happened, are you trapped in new problem today. She says no, just follow that car. Ali asks driver to drive fast. Driver says don’t irritate me, why are you shouting, I will make you get down the car.

The driver asks do you have money to pay fare. Avni says yes, that car should not be missed. He says even if you don’t have money, I will make you reach destination. She sees driver and says you dropped us before also. Ali calls Avni and says Dayaben reached home, where are you. She says I m following Ketan, I will see where he is going, you go back home, I will call you and inform. Ali says this time I will not leave you, I will come to you. He asks driver not to stare, I get scared, I will tell directions.

Dayaben comes home and sits to relax. She gets shocked seeing Hemant and Neela. She greets Hemant and starts acting. Neela says you show lie as truth, you act well. Dayaben says Neela you trust me or not, its your wish, don’t hurt my emotions, you know what’s Hemant for me. Neela says I m surprised, you said this for your Devpurush, you fooled me. Dayaben says you think I lied, when I was worried and calling him, did you see call connecting, think before saying anything, my devotion for Hemant is strong, I don’t have to prove it to anyone. Neela asks her to stop it now, I m hating this.

Hemant asks them to stop it now. He asks Neela to respect Dayaben. He asks Dayaben what’s all this, I can’t believe what Neela told me, how can you lock little girl in dark room and not give her food and water. Dayaben says you know I have hatred in my heart for them. He asks what’s this hatred, I could not imagine this, Neela is saying you are involved in Asha’s death, I knew Dayaben who did not let mistakes happen and did not do mistakes, you are not that Dayaben, don’t worry, I will hear your side and then decide.

Avni follows Ketan and sees him taking a bag. Avni gives money to the driver. He says no, I can’t take this. Avni says you helped me. He says do your work, I will wait here, I have lovely daughter like you, how can I leave you alone, go, I will wait. She says thanks, Bappa has sent you to help me. He says if you don’t come soon then…. She feeds inspector’s number in his phone and says if I don’t come soon, call inspector. She goes after Ketan. Ali meets her. She gets scared. Avni says Ketan went inside. They go inside and see Ketan talking to goons. She gets shocked seeing the guy with a tattoo.


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