My Identity 28 May 2021: The Episode starts with Madan telling Neil about hacking amol’s phone. Neil promises to free avni. Neil makes a plan. He says if we work hard, we could have exposed this. Neela encourages him. He says we have a way, Riya.

Ballu orders Raavan’s idol to shock everyone by the grand celebrations. Ali tries to call avni. Avni hears him and goes to him. She says I lost, I failed to save juhi and help Neil, he always explained me, you knew about aman and didn’t tell me. She says I couldn’t become good daughter, sister and friend. He says this fight didn’t get over yet, I got something for you. He gifts her an idol. She cries.

She says I gave this to Juhi and hidden this device in it, but this also failed, I think Ganpati Bappa is annoyed with us. Fatima says amol can’t do this. Neela says why will I frame him. Amol comes and hears them. Neela sees him and fools him by saying about Riya. Amol thinks Riya can get fooled by Neil and say everything.

Gurumaa blesses someone and asks the man to explain Juhi what she can lose. The man holds Juhi. Gurumaa says today mum and son will dance together. Avni looks on. Dayaben asks amol to stop Riya. Amol goes to Riya and scolds her.

Neela slaps him. Amol gets angry. She scolds him. Neil looks on. Bebe does prayers at home. Gurumaa does puja. Avni tries to see someone. Gurumaa dances. Neela scolds Amol and beats him for selling avni, who has raised him like a mum. Neil says we will see him inside, everyone is seeing.

Amol says I will not help you, and asks Neil to do something. Neil says thanks to you, I m not acp now, Neela has beaten you a lot, do you want me to beat you as well. Gurumaa dances a lot. Bebe hugs Neil and asks him to get Avni home safely. Shweta looks on. She does Neil’s aarti.

Bebe blesses Neil. Neela worries for Avni. Gurumaa applies sindoor tika to all women and taunts on Avni. She asks is sindoor there in this woman’s fate. She goes and slips. The plate flies in air. Sindoor falls on Avni.

Gurumaa falls down. She gets up and sees Avni. Avni says my belief on Lord was getting off, but he supported me, I have Maa’s blessings, no power can stop Neil from coming here. Gurumaa says whoever will come to save you will get buried here, even if Neil comes, he will see his wife’s future. Avni prays.

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