My Identity 8 January 2021: Avni tears Ashish’s pics. She shouts leave from our life, and never come back. She cries and cuts surname from her books. She says I don’t want Mehta name. Asha cries. Ashish cries in his room and thinks of Avni’s words. Dayaben says I know you are very upset with what happened, I told you always, not to join relations with those people, see what they did today. She asks him to think of future, you are going to marry Neela, she loves and respects you a lot. Ashish says you don’t want to know, what is in my heart, what I want.

She asks what do you want to say. He asks till when will you run away from truth. She asks which truth. He holds her hand and says come with me. She says where. He says come, and takes her. Ketan asks Ashish where is he taking Maa. Dayaben asks Ketan to wait. She asks Ashish. Ashish makes her sit in the car. They leave. Asha cries in her house. Ashish and Dayaben reach there. She asks why did you get me here. Ashish says I did many mistakes, I have hidden my relation since 11 years, what was the result, my daughter hates me today, you say right, that wrong work is hidden and right work is done infront of everyone, I m going to do a right work infront of you, as you are my everything.

He asks Dayaben to come. He meets Asha and Avni. He holds Avni. Avni angrily goes to Asha. Ashish says its okay, I did many mistakes and lost your trust today. He says its just my mistake, I felt weak, I wanted to keep everyone happy, I lost everything today. He says even I wanted this, I thought Maa will accept Asha and understand this, I did not know she loves her hatred more than me, this was my mistake. He cries.

Ashish says I love Ashudi a lot, Avni is my life, they are my life’s that part which I can’t cut and make away, this is my truth, you want me to fulfill promise to Hemant, I will marry Neela, but I will not leave Asha and Avni, I will stay with you and also in this house with them, I can’t leave them and you.

My Identity 8 January 2021: Avni says cut cut cut… you say when anyone says wrong dialogue, what you felt, this house is your film set, that everyone will clap for your dialogue, we had to become your life, not part of your life, what do you think, giving part of your life, you are doing favor on us, I regarded you hero. I was wrong, hero always saves family and stays with them, you were never my hero. She gets the torn pics and throws infront of Ashish, saying we don’t know you. Ashish gets shocked and cries. Avni says we don’t need a normal family, we will never meet you, we don’t need you Mr. Ashish Mehta. She asks Asha to close door and come.

Ashish cries seeing the pics. Dayaben says shall we leave or do you want to get more insulted, I will wait for my son outside. She goes. Asha asks Ashish not to complain about Avni, whatever she said…. He says she said very less, she is not able to express pain, I can understand her pain. She says I m glad you know her pain. Avni hears them and cries. Asha says when you went from here, I felt incomplete, I explained my heart that Avni and me do not need you, our life has no place for you. He says no. She says 11 year old relation broke. He says no, it did not break. She says I never dreamt to become your wife, I will never accept to stay as second woman. Ashish asks second woman? I m hurt by your words.

He says you will think that if you see yourself by society eyes, you are my first love and will always be, don’t see heart relations by that, till when are you thinking that, you never thought so. Asha says I m seeing as a mum now.

Ashish cries and wipes Asha’s tears. He gives her a mangalsutra bead in her hand, and says you can say anything to me, but you can’t snatch my right to love you and Avni, our love will always be there. He holds her and cries. He says even if one sided love….. I love you Ashudi. He picks the photos and shouts I love you my superstar, Avni…. Avni cries hearing him. He leaves. Asha shuts door and cries. Avni cries silently.

Ashish going to Dayaben and asking her about her hatred. He says I m scared of your hatred, you got strength from this hatred after dad’s death, I have seen same hatred in Avni’s eyes today, I don’t want that. She asks what do you want to do. He says I will win Asha and Avni’s heart by being with them, don’t worry, I will be your son too, I will marry Neela and take the family ahead, but I will not leave Asha and Avni. I will not hide this from you. She says maybe you forgot your burning mum. He says no, else I would have not agreed to marry Neela, come, lets leave. She asks what do you want to say He says nothing, I just want to go home.

My Identity 8 January 2021: She sits in the car and says I m not scared of your threatening. He says its not threatening, think will you support me in the game you started, or will you like to see my dead face. He shows the gun. She gets shocked. He says I have your blood, if you are jungle woman, I m your son, I think peace has come in our relation by fear, not love, what love could not do, fear did. She gets shocked.

Avni goes to shut window. She sees the pics flying and rushes to pick. She cries and hugs Ashish’s pic. She shouts to him to come back. Lightning bugs come inside the house. Avni stops crying and sees the bug. She smiles seeing Bappa.

Its morning, Dayaben gets glad seeing Neela. Neela says I was going ashram to give food to kids, Ashish called me here, where is he. Ashish comes and says I have to give you a small surprise. Neela says you called me urgently for this. Ashish says yes and shows her a pendant. She says whats this. He says pendant. She says I see that, why are you showing me. He asks not pretty.

She says its pretty, is this for me. He says yes, turn around and let me make you wear this. Dayaben and Neela smile. Ashish makes Neela wear it. Neela says its very pretty. Ashish says it looks lovely on you. She asks why suddenly. He says think this is apology to be a boring fiance, I decided to become a good fiance and husband, you won’t need reason to complain, smile now. She looks at him and says this moment, I can’t believe this. He says even I can’t believe it, all credit goes to Maa. Neela thanks Dayaben for returning her Ashish. Neela asks him to take her on dinner. He acts sweet. She says I will end my work and come, promise me you won’t change, I just love this new Ashish. She asks Dayaben to take care. Neela pulls his cheeks and goes. Ashish asks Dayaben is she not happy, you wanted Neela to get her rights, I m doing that as your son. He goes. Ketan looks on.

Avni meets Ali and Kia and says Bappa spoke to me yesterday night. Ali jokes. Avni tells about the lightning bug coming inside the house and making light in the dark house, it sat on Bappa idol, I felt like I was that bug and then ended the world’s darkness, firstly my mum’s heart darkness. Ali asks how can I your friend. Avni says we have Jugnu in all of us and have to awaken it to lighten the world. Kia says I don’t understand what is Avni saying. Ali asks Avni what will she do by becoming jugnu. He laughs. Avni says I will fulfill my dream to become rich and successful, I will become heroine. Ali says but you don’t have magic like harry potter. Kia says schools will start now. Avni says I will agree to Bappa, there will be some way, Miss Mary says where there is a will, there is a way, I will do something after school hours. Ali and Kia says we are with you. Ali asks Avni to keep smiling. Ali and Kia argue. Avni laughs.

My Identity 8 January 2021: Ketan asks Dayaben not to worry, Ashish was talking to Neela well, Asha left him. Dayaben says Ashish keeps all promises, I m worried, Ashish wants to join relations with Asha and Avni, we have to make them away, Ashish marries Neela and we get grandchildren, my promise will be fulfilled to Hemant, then things will get fine. Ketan says I will always regret that Hetal and I could not give you a grandson. She asks him not to blame himself, its not his mistake. She tells the need of one sun ray that ends all darkness. He asks how will we make them away from Ashish. She says if he does not leave them, they can leave him. He says how, and if Ashish knows. She says just you can do this. He says I will not make you upset, tell me. She smiles.

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