My Identity update Monday 1 March 2021 On Starlife


My Identity update Monday 1 March 2021: The Episode starts with Avni seeing their truck and asking driver to follow the truck. Dayaben meets Hemant. He asks why did you come, I would have come, you look unwell. She says our relation had love and trust, and now Avni has brought doubt in it. He says its not about her, its about ethics. She says I think Asha has made her against me and sent her, Neela has come in her words, I loved Neela more than Ashish, she calls me Maa. She cries and acts. She says you all feel I m culprit, come you have to question hospital staff, we both will find out who is Aisha’s murderer. She smiles.

Avni, Ali and Akash get down the car. Ketan pays the lady. Avni says they reached here also, come Ali, we will show them stars in day. Ali asks which stones to take. Akash says don’t be foolish, we will get caught. Ketan tries to burn the truck. Ali says don’t worry, he is not able to ignite fire. The lady pulls goon’s shirt and tears cloth. She ignites fire. Avni says she is dangerous aunty, we have to do something. Ali and Akash fight there to get their attention. Ketan asks what are you two doing, is this place to run, go. Avni and driver sit in truck. Ketan says I saw you somewhere. Ali says maybe I have seen you at sweet shop. Avni says keys aren’t here, what will we do. Ali and Akash worry seeing the lady. Avni asks driver to be ready and starts truck by shorting wires. Driver races the truck. Ketan, lady and goons run after the truck. Avni asks Ali and Akash to come fast. Lady hangs to the truck. Ali and Akash push her down. They climb the truck. Avni cheers for AA company.

Avni sleeps. Aladin asks Fatima not to wake her up. Aladin takes her success smile. Ali and Akash come. Ali eats halwa. Aladin says youngest CEO woke up, get sweets for her. Avni thanks Aladin. He asks her to stop it, how many times will you thank me. He shows his new phone to Avni. Ali says Avni used to lose a phone every day, Dayaben will have our collection. Ali reads news about AA company giving competition to Dayaben’s company. Fatima feeds sweets to Avni. She says our society thinking is small, that sons take family name ahead, Avni gave new identity to Aisha, if Aisha was here today, she would be much happy. Avni wipes her tears. Aladin says Avni, you have become rockstar, you are getting wishes, its great. Ali and Akash dance. Avni says mumma, our Avni Aisha company will shine the most.

Dayaben gets angry. Ketan says don’t worry, just one consignment went, we will get another once. She says its not about one consignment, its about life’s struggles, I have made this all by hardwork, Avni is going to ruin it, that’s why I m hurt, you will not understand it, I m still same Dayavanti who made all this alone, I will not lose so soon, call Mr. Patel. Ketan asks who, textile minister, he never answers call. Dayaben says I hate those who fail before trying, I know to do my work. He says no, I will make a call. He goes. Dayaben says Avni, celebrate happiness, from today I will not give you change to stay happy.

Avni comes to Mehta house. She sees police. She asks Neela about Aman. Neela says he is fine, I made him sleep. Hemant calls Avni. She says this doctor treated my mumma. He says this doctor wants to talk to you. Doctor says its about your mumma, when you said you spoke to your mumma, I did not believe it, as she was in coma,I felt maybe she really spoke to you. Avni says she spoke to me. He asks did she remove oxygen mask to talk. Avni says yes. He says she died by shortage of oxygen. Avni cries. Neela explains Avni what doctor means to say, Asha could not breath well and died by falling short of oxygen. Inspector says doctor’s statement proves Asha’s death was natural, not by any planning, so I have to shut this case. Neela asks Avni to come and meet Aman. Avni says no, Dayaben killed my mumma. Hemant says calm down, I know what you are going through, I also felt maybe Dayaben is involved after seeing your belief, but we were wrong, be happy, study well, your mum will get fine.

Dayaben says everyone regarded me wrong, I hope inspector will let me live free now. Inspector says sorry. Hemant says person does mistakes till last breath, forgive me. Dayaben acts. Hemant goes. Neela takes Avni. Dayaben smiles.


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