My Identity update Monday 10 May 2021 On Starlife


My Identity Monday 10th May 2021 update starlife: Avni thinking Juhi was so good, if she was here, Neil would have never liked me, Neil just wanted to change me as he changed DD. She says Neil would have not come close to me if he didn’t like me, if I was like Juhi…. He says no, not then. He opens eyes and turns to her. She says sorry. He says I understand, its normal for wife to get insecure after knowing husband’s past, Juhi was my past and you are my present. She asks for Juhi’s pic. He gets his wallet and shows empty flap. He says I don’t believe in keeping past in photo albums, I believe in moving on, come and sleep now, dreams are waiting. She smiles. They lie on the bed. He thinks when will she learn to speak out emotions, I know she feels for me.

Amol steals cash from Neela’s cupboard and runs from window. Its morning, Bebe calls out Avni to check puja items. Avni collides with Shweta and says I have to ask something. Neela asks Avni to come, Bebe is calling. Avni says I had to ask Shweta, why did she make me keep Ganesh puja, knowing it will hurt Neil. Neela says talk later, Bebe is calling, come. She asks Bebe about the nek. Bebe sees Avni and asks where is Neil, did he not understand the gift, go and get it, else Neela will taunt me. Avni goes.

Neil checks footage and says nothing is clear in this, that person has hidden face by mask. He sees Avni’s conversation with Shweta. He says Avni showed her rights that day. Avni comes. Neil asks what happened. Avni says Bebe asked me to wear my gift kamarbandh. He asks did Bebe say so and smiles.

Amol gives money to Dayaben and asks why did you need money. She says I had to repay some people’s favor, don’t worry for me, go and keep an eye on Neil. Amol tells about Juhi, Neil still loves her. She says Riya told me Shweta wants to break Neil and Avni by using Juhi. He asks her to take care and goes.

Dayaben comes to Gurumaa and argues. He asks Gurumaa to leave, she has to sleep. Gurumaa asks what do you want. She thinks just Amol can inform me about Neil, I have to bend in front of her for some days. She says I will give whatever you want.

Neil says Bebe said its my gift as well, if you give me answer in 10 days, I will leave you else I will make you wear this. She says you got upset by coming in puja. He says you will get punishment, you are so unromantic. Dayaben gets dressed in her normal attire and comes to Gurumaa. Gurumaa gives her the food plate. Neil gets close and shows kamarbandh. He says both person’s consent is necessary in love, say yes. He gives kamarbandh to Avni and gets away.

Dayaben asks won’t you get my hands washed. Gurumaa makes her wash hands. Dayaben says let Meher meet Avni. Gurumaa says Neil is a policeman and he is after our lives, I don’t have to do anything with Avni, Neil is my enemy.

Dayaben says you don’t know chess, you should know enemy’s strength, Avni is Neil’s strength, he will do mistakes without her, separate him from his strength. She laughs and says keep Avni in your Rangmahal, you want society to become pure, Avni is illegitimate relation result, she is a black stain, this time don’t leave her, Neil lost his love once, if he loses Avni, he will go mad, he will try finding Avni, you want police sight to get away from you, its easy to make a broken loser fail, you have my blessings from now.

Avni wears kamarbandh. Neil comes and prays. Avni comes downstairs. Bebe, Neil and Neela smile. Constable says sketch artist is completing his work, then we can show Avni. DD asks him to hurry. Bebe asks Avni to come for aarti. Avni says I was waiting for Ali, he couldn’t come even yesterday.

Neela says I will call him. DD calls Avni and says I will get sketch. Avni asks him to get it any how, even if it gets late, I want to help that girl. She prays. Riya comes there and hides. Dayaben says Neil’s sight is like Arjun, he doesn’t do any mistake. Gurumaa says I taught my men to trick police. Dayaben says there is CCTV camera around Neil’s house, I got that fixed when I used to stay there, just back door doesn’t have that camera. She asks Ballu to go via back door. She gives him medicine to add in food, entire family will sleep, you will have ease to kidnap Avni. Gurumaa signs him. He leaves.


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