My Identity update Monday 11 January 2021 Starlife


The Episode starts with Neela coming to the secret place. Avni, Ali and Kia leave. Neela likes the place and sees the fish pond. She says I wish to meet Avni. She leaves message for Avni by writing there. She writes thanks for saving my life, please call me and meet. She says we have some connection Avni, I wish you were here. She sees the fish jumping and smiles.

Asha opens the door thinking its Avni. She sees Ashish. Ashish asks won’t you ask me to come inside. She says it would be better if you don’t. He says I need to talk about Avni. He enters the house and looks around. She asks him to say, what is it. He says you know Avni has saved Neela from the goons. She gets shocked. He asks did you now know this, I want to tell you, please manage Avni, if anything happened to her, fighting with goons, throwing stones at home, hurting Maa, challenging Maa that she will earn bigger name, I m worried, this can spoil her future, I m scared for her future.

She asks is there anything else to say. He says there is much to say, I think you don’t want to listen, you stopped the money transfer too, why. She says we are trying to stand without any support. He says life is not simple, I respect your decision. She says when we taught cycling to Avni, we held her for many days and then one day we left her hand, we were afraid that she will fall, but we were happy that Avni was going ahead in life on her own, its time, you leave our hand and let us walk in life’s journey alone, journey is tough, but its my and Avni’s journey.

Ashish says money will be needed in journey, would you like to work as assistant in Hasmukh’s office. She says I don’t want your charity. He says relations changed so much that rights became a charity. She says if you really love us, then leave us alone. He says someone told this to me 12 years ago, to be away and prove love, I m proud of your self esteem. He keeps a mangalsutra bead there. He says I love you Ashudi and cries. He leaves. She shuts the door and cries. She holds the bead in her hand. She puts the bead in her sindoor box and cries.

Ali says our secret place is no more a secret. Avni tells Kia that its not right to use our help for our use. Kia and Ali argue. Avni comes home. Asha asks why did you do fighting, Ashish has come to tell me. Avni says Miss Mary says…. Asha says enough of Miss Mary, I will come your school and talk to Miss Mary. Avni says she is not my teacher, she is Mother Mary statue, I follow the lines written on it. Asha asks what, why do you call her Miss Mary. Avni says because you are my mumma, how can I call anyone else my mumma. Asha hugs her. Avni says sorry. Asha asks how did you come in your life, you are not like ordinary kids. Avni says I m special daughter of special mumma. Ali and Kia come. Ali shows the likes for the clip. Asha sees video and worries for the problem.

Neela is on the way and sees the video on internet. She says so you are Avni, finally I got you, now I will find out why life is making you meet me again and again, Avni……… Neela meets Ashish and hugs him. She says I m so happy, sorry you were busy. He says I was busy, I m all yours now, tell me. She says I got Avni. He asks what. She says same Avni who saved my life. She says come, I will show who is my Avni. She shows the video clip. Ashish gets shocked seeing the video.

Neela says she is great girl. He smiles. Neela says I was finding her, now she came directly in my lap, I m sure I have some connection with her, I want to do something for Avni, I don’t want to be just internet sensation for two days, she deserves much more, she is so brave, I get goose bumps thinking how she saved me. He says yes, my daughter is special. She says see, she entered your heart too, she is so lovely, Ashish her parents will be so lucky. He gets sad. She asks him to see Avni, I want a daughter like my Avni, its decided I will get her infront of the world, she deserves this. She gets a call. She asks Ashish to keep himself free tomorrow. She tells Sharma ji on call about Avni and goes. Ashish sees the video.

Avni talks to Tiku and Asha that she did not help anyone to get publicity. Tiku praises her. Asha says people ignore even fallen person on road. Avni says I just helped, why to make it a news. Ali comes and tells Avni about more likes on video clip. Avni says I don’t want to earn name this way, forget it. Shalu and others come and praise Avni for making them proud. Shazia tells Shalu that you were saying Avni was bringing defamation for locality, today you changed.

Asha asks Shazia to leave it. Shalu says let it say, I learnt saying truth from Avni. Kia says yes, Avni is better than me, I m proud to have a friend like her. Avni says name has to be earned, name earned by chance goes, everyone will forget. Sumi says Asha what did you eat when you gave birth to Avni. Tiku tells what Asha had that time. They all smile. Media comes to take Avni’s interview.


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