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My Identity 14 June 2021: Neil recalling Avni’s words and their past. He says one should learn relation keeping by you, you have won Mishti’s heart so soon. She takes Mishti and goes. He gets a call. The man says Vidyut has come to meet Mishti, he is at entry, we have stopped him, we kept DGP’s number engaged. Vidyut says to whom is this DGP calling, how dare he doesn’t answer my call. He says I don’t have much time, I will see who stops me. The man says he is going on, come fast. Neil says fine, I will leave. Neil leaves. Avni sees him with the lady teacher.

Vidyut comes to her. She gets shocked. She says you here, just like a good father, you would have come to meet Mishti’s teacher. He says wait, I came to meet Mishti, I need to talk to you also, come. She thinks to send Vidyut, else Neil can get angry. Vidyut takes Mishti. Neil looks on from far. Lady says its fun when someone special is in front. Neil goes to Avni. Avni thinks if Neil sees Vidyut talking to Mishti. Vidyut says I don’t like kids who get scared, so relax, I didn’t raise hand on you. Avni says she gets nervous seeing you, its okay kids should be scared.

He says you also get habitual for this, I can come anytime. She says I don’t care, we will go to camp. He says wait, I got much info about you. She asks why did you waste time, you would have asked me. He says I don’t trust anyone easily. She sees Neil coming and shouts stop. Neil goes. Vidyut says you asked me to stop. Avni says no, ask me what you want to know, I will answer. He says you were in London right, you didn’t go back, you came to Goa in white wedding gown, I want right answers. Neil calls and says I want Vidyut out of here. Avni says you guessed right, I was in love, his ex GF came back, he left my hand, what can I do, anyways, you got answer. Guard tells Vidyut that DGP called him to meet. Vidyut says fine I have to go now, but talk doesn’t end here. He goes.

Neil sees Avni and smiles. Avni hugs Mishti. Neil says like mum, like son…. Nurse comes to see Gurumaa. Gurumaa wakes up and sees a sharp medical object beside her. Avni goes away and lets Neil talk to Mishti. He says you want noodles or chocolates, we will be best friends. Mishti runs and hugs Avni. DD says Neil didn’t reach Auckland, he didn’t hide anything from me till now. Neela says there is something, we have to find out.

Lady says we will play a game, parents have to go out. Mishti stops Avni. Avni says I m standing there, don’t get scared, all the best. She says I will send Mishti’s pic to Juhi, she will be glad. Bebe and Juhi are on the way to temple. Juhi gets Mishti’s pic and smiles. Bebe asks what happened. Juhi says I m missing my daughter. Bebe says Neil will get her. Juhi says yes.

Guard asks Avni where is she going. Avni says teacher asked all parents to go out, I thought to do some shopping. He says you can’t go out. She sees Neil and calls him. She says its tough to go out, Vidyut hates the girl, but he has caged her just for Juhi. He says Vidyut thinks I m in Auckland, our way is clear. Some bikers follow Bebe’s car. Avni says when Vidyut’s men know you are not around Juhi, they will try to harm her. Neil asks her not to worry. The goons go to the car. They see police jeep and run away. Bebe asks inspector why are those men following. Neil says I have taken care of Juhi’s safety, meet me at hotel’s backside, we can discuss what to do tomorrow.

Neil gets a shock seeing the flyer. People see Avni. Neil shows the flyer to Avni. Neil and Avni leave. Someone calls Ali. Ali says fine, I will come there. He says Avni, I will get you soon, I will inform Neela. Maid sees Avni’s pic and asks why do you have governess pic, is she your GF. He asks is she governess. She says yes. Neil says what shall we do of Ali. Avni says he can do anything for me. Neil takes her aside. They see each other. She says I have to go to Mishti. He says my daughter is scared of me, don’t know why she hates me. She says no, she doesn’t know you, she thinks every man is like Vidyut. He says when we take her and run, I will end all her pains, I will give her much love, we have to think what to do of Ali. He makes her wear a scarf and says I m hiding your face. They get under the scarf. She says we shall solve Ali’s problem first. He says just one person can do this.

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