My Identity update Monday 19 April 2021 On Starlife


My Identity 19 April 2021: My Identity update Monday 19th April 2021, Dayaben asking Amol to meet him once. Amol refuses. Prakash asks Shweta to decide costly gift for herself, their anniversary has come. She asks him to make Ananya out, she has made Neil against me, I had to apologize to her, its always my mistake. He asks her not to start it again. She says I apologized to Bebe, your bahu Ananya can never make any mistake, Ananya could have done some acting atleast. She goes.

Avni sees the divorce papers and cries. She thinks to tear it. Prakash calls her and asks her to plan a grand anniversary party for him and Shweta. Neela comes and looks on. Avni says I will surely do this. He blesses her. She says mum also said I should make my relations better with Shweta. She sees Neela getting dizzy and gives her water. Neela asks her to give tiffin to Neil, he has no time to come here and have food. Avni agrees and takes the tiffin. Neela says Avni has much to learn, when all girls were busy in love and boyfriends in college time, our daughter was busy in revenge fire.

Ali gets an envelop and checks the letter. DD comes. Ali says I was going to call you, did you know about that call. DD nods. Riya comes. Ali asks her to check work. DD asks Ali to promise he won’t tell anything. Ali promises. DD says Riya did that call, that too from this cafe. Ali gets shocked. DD gives the call trace info. Ali recalls Riya’s words. DD goes.

My Identity 19 April 2021: Neil comes and sees Avni. He jokes. Avni says Neela has sent food, don’t expect anything from me. He likes the food. She says you are thief to steal my mum. He says my magic never fails. Neil and Avni have an eyelock. She says I will Shweta’s heart and then she will love me more than you. He smiles and eats food. She says you fought with Shweta for me, I want to… He goes to her. They have another eyelock. She says there is something on your lip. She shows him. He asks where. She cleans. He asks her to have food.

She says not this bhendi dish. Neil gives her poha box. She smiles and says Chamko cafe Poha, none can make better poha than Ali, it tastes his friendship. Neil asks just friendship, not love? You know Ali loves you, have water. She asks what are you saying. Neil says yes, he told me much time before, he just loves Avni in this whole world, I did not get time to tell you, don’t think I m putting pressure on you, I want to know do you love Ali, we know how we got married. She says yes. He leaves her hands and gets away. He thinks why does she not go to him then.

My Identity 19 April 2021 update: Avni asks Neil do you agree with me. His imagination ends. She says I m talking to you. He looks at her and thinks can she hear his heart. She asks am I any antaryami to listen to your heart, say something. Neil says sorry. She says great, you did not hear anything. She says I want your help, I want to do friendship with Shweta and see her happy, you can’t refuse now. They start drama and laugh. She says its Prakash and Shweta’s marriage anniversary, I want to plan something good. He agrees to help. She tells her plan. He thinks Avni is trying to win mom’s heart and I m thinking o ll that things, do I really want to stay in this marriage.


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