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My Identity update Monday 22 February 2021 On Starlife

My Identity update Monday 22 February 2021 On Starlife
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My Identity 22 February 2021: My Identity update Monday 22nd February 2021, The Episode starts with Avni talking to Neela. She says I m sorry, I know what you went through in jail, my mumma also went to jail. Neela says I m sorry for breaking your trust, can we become friends again, please. Avni shakes hands with her. Neela and Avni kiss each other. Neela says if you need anything, tell me. Avni says I need to meet my brother. Neela says I arranged that, come.

Diksha jokes seeing Dayaben tensed. Dayaben says police is starting investigations. Diksha says you have lost your impact, see Neela does not get scared of you, she is burning your Lanka, you are just seeing. Ketan asks don’t you have manners to talk. Dayaben says she is saying right. I will not let anyone ruin my efforts, I have to think how to attack. Diksha praises her. Ketan asks her to go back to inlaws, shall I drop you. Dayaben says we should worry, how to put Avni back in dark room, Neela and Hasmukh are with her, don’t know who will help her, we will lose, we have to break their unity. Diksha taunts Ketan and asks him to do as Dayaben says. Ketan says see what I do. He goes. Riya hears them.

Avni plays with Aman and talks to him. Neela smiles. Avni says your name is Aman, if anyone calls you Amol, remember you are Aman Aisha. Neela asks her to play with Aman and goes. Avni hugs Aman and says you did susu again. She asks maid to hold Aman and goes to get nappy. Servant calls the maid. Maid keeps Aman in pram and goes. Someone takes Aman.

My Identity 22 February 2021: Avni comes there and sees Aman missing. She shouts and asks the maid about Aman. Maid says I have left him here. Avni says who will take my Aman, did Dadi take him. Maid says no, she is in room, Aman is not in home. Avni sees Aman’s socks and goes to the gate. She runs away. Dayaben slaps the maid and asks where is my Amol. Neela stops her and asks why are you shouting, driver has gone to find him.

Dayaben asks Hetal to send Ketan to find the baby. She asks where did Avni go, she took the baby. Diksha says maybe Ketan took the baby. Dayaben recalls Ketan’s words. Avni runs on road and asks people about Aman. She cries.

Hasmukh asks Diksha how did Aman go missing, what’s happening, even our cats and Avni went missing before. Diksha says our cats did not go missing, see they are here, I got them with me. He asks are you joking, are these our cats. She calls him mad. He says I m going to find Avni and Aman. She says his name is Amol. He says for me, his name will be Aman. He goes.

Avni runs on road and shouts Aman. She gets the pram toy. She gets a note and reads, if you want brother, come to your fav place, I m waiting. She goes to Chamko. Riya has Aman and sings twinkle twinkle. Avni asks what is she doing. Riya says he is Amol, he is priceless for you. Avni says give me Amol back. Riya says water is cold, and just we can stand here, if you come ahead, Amol will go in water, there are many problems because of him.

Avni begs her to leave Aman. Riya asks her to do and say what she says. Avni calls Dayaben. Dayaben asks them to come home straight. She asks Hetal don’t you know to control your daughter, Riya has taken Amol, Avni is also with them. Neela asks what.

My Identity 22 February 2021: Dayaben scolds Hetal. Hetal says Riya does not listen to me, she is always with you, she is doing what you are teaching her. Dayaben says great, you started talking. Ketan comes. Dayaben asks where did you go. She slaps him. She says whenever I need you, you do stupid work, you got saved as Amol is fine. Diksha laughs on Ketan.

Riya gets Amol home. Hetal scolds Riya. Neela asks Avni are you fine, is Aman fine. Riya says we were roaming out, we told you we are coming, it was so much fun, right Avni. Avni says yes. Neela says come to your room. Avni says I want to be in my old room. Neela asks what are you saying, I won’t let you stay there again. Avni says this is my decision. She signs Neela to understand. Riya smiles.

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