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My Identity 24 May 2021: Avni doing aid to Neil’s hand. She says if wound is not treated, it becomes dangerous. He asks how can you be selfless. She says its not Juhi’s mistake, even she would have done this. They lie to sleep. She says nothing will change between us if past comes back. He says yes, none can change this relation now, time knows to move on, not to go back. They cry and sleep. Its morning, Neil is sleeping.

Avni sits near him and apologizes to leave without telling him. She says its imp, I have to find about Raghu pandit’s men, so that I can help you, I have to treat your wounds now, I can’t see you breaking like this, don’t take me wrong. She stops and turns to see her pallu stuck there. She leaves.

Avni calls DD and asks him to come fast. She sees Ballu and thinks how did they come early, police didn’t come yet. Ballu smiles seeing her. Gurumaa prays. Dayaben comes to her. Gurumaa says I will pay all your loans. Avni calls DD. Ballu stops her and holds her hand. The goons make public away and kidnap her. Ballu gets her to Juhi. Juhi gets shocked. Ballu says you want to save her, I got your wish fulfilled, save Meher, pandit ji will be happy to do deal of two.

He asks Meher to make Avni’s room ready. He laughs. Neil gets angry and asks how can you do this DD, you didn’t ask me. DD says she told me he has to meet some contact, I didn’t thought this will happen. Neil says what’s happening with her, don’t know where is she. Avni asks Neil and DD is they are there. She says I m not kidnapped, I came here by my wish, I had no way to come here. Neil asks why. She says I told you, if Raavan has to be killed, one has to come Lanka. He says I told you not to risk life, I told I will sign on this papers. He asks DD to get pen. DD hides pen. Neil gets angry and says why does Avni do such always.

Ballu says your room is ready, come. Avni goes. Juhi sees the idol and thinks Avni needs Ganesh ji idol more than me, he will protect you. She takes idol in tray. Ballu asks Avni to stay here. Juhi keeps tray and goes. Riya asks Dayaben to listen, she has to say who was in Neil’s life before Avni. Dayaben says it doesn’t matter, I m getting late. Riya asks her to see once, would she do same with Amol. She argues and puts pic there. Dayaben gets shocked seeing Meher. Dayaben thinks Avni and Juhi are in my hands.

Ballu comes to taunt Avni. Avni says my voice will reach Lord, my husband is my Lord, my trust on him will never break. Neil says why don’t you understand you are my life, why do you risk your life. He hits table and cries. He gets the audio signal. Avni says Neil will save me and all other girls whom you locked here, I know my Neil, he won’t let anything happen to me, your Lanka will burn. Ballu laughs and asks will that cheap inspector ignite fire.

She says yes, he has always saved me, you all just have hatred, not love, I also didn’t understand love before meeting Neil, your world has cheat, you just know taking life, not giving life, do anything, this case is Neil’s pride, I will not let his pride break. He asks what will you guys do. She says you think I will tell everything. She sees idol and says I will just talk to Ragini pandit. Neil says please don’t provoke him. Ballu laughs and says pandit ji has no waste time to talk to you, she will sell you and take money. Neil gets shocked. Avni sees time and says in next 12 hours, pandit will come to meet me in Rangmahal, at 12 o clock, remember time. Neil sees the time. Juhi asks Avni to come with her.

Shweta talks to Riya and asks what will Dayaben do of Juhi’s pic. Riya says maybe she uses it to separate Neil and Avni. Shweta says if Juhi is alive…. Neela asks her to think and make a wish, Juhi is alive. Shweta gets shocked. Neela says you wanted this, see Neil’s past is coming back, announce this happiness. Bebe comes and asks them is there any party, where is Avni. Neela says Avni has gone far from Neil, as Juhi is alive. Shweta asks where is Juhi. Bebe says shut up, its limit, you are worrying for Juhi instead Avni.

Neela says I don’t know where is Juhi, I don’t know about Avni too, I just know Avni is sacrificing her love, she is helping Neil in finding Avni. Prakash asks what. Neela says you get her rights, Bebe my hopes are from you, you promised me, none will behave badly with her. Avni tells Juhi that she doesn’t know her husband. They see someone coming. Avni gets shocked seeing Dayaben. Dayaben smiles.

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