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My Identity 28 June 2021: My Identity update Monday 28th June 2021 The Episode starts with everyone playing Antakshari. Bebe sings Mere angne mein…. Neela sings Haste haste…. They all dance. Prakash hugs Shweta. Neela brings everyone together. Prakash sings Hame tumse pyaar kitna…. and dances with Shweta. Bebe asks Avni to sing next. Avni sings Mere ghar aai ek nanhi pari… Juhi and Avni hug Mishti. Everyone smiles. Neil sings Ishq wala love….. They dance. Juhi looks at them. Neil gets a gift box. He shows the Bappa idol for Avni.

Avni smiles. Everyone claps. Avni smiles. Juhi recalls Neil. She goes away and cries. She sees a box and keeps candle inside. The crackers catch fire. Shweta says my phone is inside that box. Neil asks everyone to go out. They all come out. Media catches Neil and asks him why did he spread Juhi’s fake murder news, is it true that he had an affair with Juhi. Vidyut looks on, while sitting in his car. Reporter asks do you have enmity with Vidyut and his mum. They ask Avni why did Neil do this. A reporter signs Vidyut.

Mishti says angel…. Avni lifts her. Neil asks Prakash to take everyone inside, he will give answers. Vidyut says belated happy diwali from my mum’s side. He throws Neil and Juhi’s pics and leaves. Neil says you come to police station, I will answer there, the girl is scared. The media asks who’s this girl, what’s her name, is Neil her dad. Avni scolds them. Neil pushes the reporters away.

Neil shouts on them and asks them to stop it. The reporter says Neil is fighting with us, this attack is on media, everyone is witness of this. Neil scolds them. Avni stops Neil. Avni asks them not to talk badly. Reporter says who’s this girl, you have to answer. Police comes. DD stops the media. Neil talks to seniors on call. Everyone sits tensed. Prakash asks what did he say. Neil says I have to go police station now. Mishti says angel, I didn’t do anything, don’t get angry on me. Avni says we are not angry on you. Shweta says since Juhi came in Neil’s life, he is bearing all this. Bebe asks her to stop it. Neela says who made this news reach media, did Vidyut see Juhi.

DD says reporter said he got a message, they were called here. He shows the message. Neil checks. He gets shocked. Bebe asks whose number is it, tell us. Neil asks Shweta did you call media. Bebe asks what. They all get shocked. Neil says that message went by your number. Juhi recalls seeing Shweta’s phone in the box and checking the recording. She gets shocked. She messages the media from Shweta’s phone.

Shweta says why will I call media, my phone broke, I kept phone in crackers box. Bebe asks are you mad, why did you keep phone in crackers box. Shweta says I wanted to prove Juhi is wrong. Prakash asks her to accept her mistake. Shweta asks Neil to believe her. Neil gets upset and leaves for police station. Neela says you went bit too far this time. Avni thinks Shweta can’t do this, who did this. Vidyut pays the reporter.

Mishti says angel, why is everyone so angry. Avni says we will watch your fav cartoon, come. She plays tv. They see news of media exposing Neil, who lied about Juhi’s fake murder and arrested Gurumaa. Reporter says Neil has raised hand on reporter on questioning, we have Vidyut and Ragini pandit with us today. He asks Vidyut what does he want to say. Vidyut says I believed laws, I thought maybe my mum did some crimes, I called police and said my mum is ready to surrender, Neil arrested us, I think all the cases against her are fake, I feel helpless, thanks to media, I promise I will expose this so called supercop. Avni looks on.

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