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My Identity 5 July 2021 update: The Episode starts with Neil asking Prakash how did he agree to Bebe. Prakash says Shweta and I didn’t agree. Bebe comes and says Neil has to marry Juhi. Neil refuses. Bebe says you will get us insulted this way. Shweta asks Bebe why is she saying this. Neil says fine, if you care for the society and people, I will leave this city. Bebe cries.

Neela says Bebe promised me, she will always support Avni, how can she give Avni’s place to Juhi. Shweta says I don’t know anything. Neela says Neil told me that he and Juhi had champagne on the engagement night… Shweta says no, Neil returned home midnight, he didn’t come in morning, I remember well. Neela gets shocked. Neil ends the call and tells Avni that they are shifting to Delhi, he will do arrangements for Juhi and Mishti in another house close to theirs. She asks what about your job. He says its not a problem, I will manage it, I will do this, Mishti was a house, fine, she will get it, but not by losing you, I love you, my decision can’t change now.

My Identity 6 July 2021: Avni gives medicines to Shweta. She says Neil is planning to go Delhi. Shweta says its good, stay away from Juhi, you have seen what she did with us. Maid gets a letter found in Juhi’s room. Shweta gets shocked reading it. Avni reads the letter. Juhi writes, I will take Mishti and get away, this ambience is not right for Mishti.

Juhi takes Mishti with her. Mishti says you are really bad. Juhi scolds her. Avni reads…. everyone wants me to get away, don’t worry for me, I have habit to stay alone. Avni says Juhi took Mishti. She turns and sees Neil. Juhi asks Mishti will she have icecream. Mishti refuses. Juhi says we can’t go back there, I m your mum, come with me. Mishti doesn’t move. Juhi says you will come with me, no one loves us there, they hate us, you have to come with me.

Neil and Avni are on the way. Neil gets info from DD. Avni says I hope we get Mishti safe. Neil asks her not to go. Shweta tells Bebe that Juhi is doing drama. Bebe says you took Prakash’s life decision, I will decide for Neil’s life, this marriage will happen. Neela says Bebe, you promised me, you will always support Avni, I beg you, please save her life from getting ruined. Bebe cries and says I want to tell something imp. She gets a picture. She sees Maddy and Kareena tied up. She says Neil will have to marry Juhi to give Mishti his name, you all read the DNA report. Shweta asks Neela to come, Bebe has turned stone hearted. They leave. Bebe sees Gurumaa looking at her. Gurumaa signs her to be quiet.

My Identity 6 July 2021 Mishti says you are very bad, I won’t come. Juhi sees Vidyut in the car. Vidyut sees a car arriving. He messages Juhi. She reads Neil and Avni are coming. Vidyut says mum will pat my back today. She asks Mishti to understand, they can’t go back, they hate us. Mishti calls her bad. Juhi raises hand on Mishti. Vidyut counts down. Avni pushes Juhi. A car speeds towards Juhi. Neil pulls Juhi and saves her. Juhi says thanks Neil, Avni did planning to kill me today. Avni tells Mishti that she won’t let her go. Juhi says she is my daughter. Avni says raising hand on kids is wrong. Juhi asks is it right to push me in traffic and kill me. Avni asks when did I do this. They argue. Juhi provokes Avni’s anger. She blames Avni for ruining Mishti’s life. Neil shouts stop it Juhi. Juhi asks why shall I stop it, why do you take Avni’s side. Avni says because I m right. Juhi scolds her. Avni says Neil tell her, if she harms Mishti, I will not leave her. Juhi asks are you threatening me. Avni says no, you will be responsible for anything that will happen next. Neil sees her and asks what happened to you. Vidyut signs Juhi and smiles. Juhi apologizes to Avni. She takes Mishti with her.

Avni comes home and thinks what happened. She says did I overreact, did I do any mistake, I should talk to Neil. Neil comes to his room and gets angry. Avni comes to him. She asks him to listen once. He asks why, do you ever listen to me, if Juhi got hit by the car by mistake, if anything happened to her, I would have had to arrest you, do you understand or not. She says I couldn’t control, I will do this if Juhi hurts Mishti again, I don’t regret. He gets angry and goes. Neela and Shweta come to her. Avni says Juhi did wrong with Mishti, I know I did wrong to push Juhi, Neil is annoyed with me. Shweta says you did right. Neela says its not about anger and regret, its about our doings, if Juhi does this mistake again. Shweta says I know the truth, Juhi was doing a drama, she will take Mishti back, she will make Avni out.

Avni says its not like that. Neela says its true, Juhi doesn’t want to go, we couldn’t find you when you left Neil, but Juhi comes back everytime, Mishti is reminding your childhood, Juhi is not Aisha or Neela, someone is repeating this history, I can see this game clearly, Juhi came to claim her rights on Neil, you helped her more, read this headlines, check this, take a look of all these, whatever happened with you in childhood, same things are happening with Mishti, you stopped thinking like Ananya, else you would have understood when Mishti has hit stone, Vidyut is responsible for all this. Shweta says Juhi is supporting him.

My Identity 6 July 2021: Neela says its happening since Vidyut came Mumbai, its all planned, please think like an Ananya. Neil tells Prakash that he has seen anger in Avni’s eyes, which he has seen when she was with Dayaben, it looked its Ananya, not Avni.

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