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My Identity 7 June 2021: Neil getting Avni’s letter. He reads it to everyone. Avni writes… you would be feeling I always do as I want and leaving, but sometimes its important to sacrifice happiness. Avni reaches airport and thinks all this had to happen today, it will be good if I leave, its right for Neil, Juhi and their daughter. Neil reads…. don’t try to find me, I felt this way is right. Avni collides with a guy and looks at him. Neil reads… I will remember the days spent with Shweta, sorry, Prakash is the best father in law, sorry father in the world, don’t worry, you can’t reach me, I want to be alone, I will see how much happy you all are. Everyone cries.

Avni boards the flight. The guy collapses. The attendant asks is there any doctor on board. Avni checks him. She checks card and says he has diabetes, do you have machine to check sugar level. She tells the girl that her dad is fine. Avni checks his sugar. She says his sugar level is low, get glucose fast. She feeds glucose to him. He opens eyes and looks at her. Attendant thanks Avni. Avni goes to her seat. He asks for doctor. Avni says sorry, I m not a doctor, everyone should have basic info. The guy scolds the attendant for giving him improper food. He says I don’t tolerate misbehavior of girls. He gives juice glass to the little girl.

Avni comes across the same guy. He helps her. She thanks him. He says my driver will drop you. She says no thanks, I will manage. He says I don’t keep anyone’s favor. She sees the girl and says really, then get ready for another favor. She shows him the girl sitting alone. His guard takes the girl. He turns to ask where she has to go. He sees her gone and says I will find you out and show Vidyut doesn’t keep any woman’s favor. He leaves.

Shweta asks Neela to say where did Avni go. Neela says I didn’t wish Avni to stay as Ananya Verma, so that her life doesn’t get like Aisha, who can deny fate, Avni has left everything and went. Bebe asks Neil did they have any fight. Shweta gets a shoe box. Bebe asks why did you get this. Shweta says a pair of shoe is kept in it, if third shoe is to be put in, one shoe has to be removed, Avni did this Bebe. She asks Neil why did he do this, when she scolded Avni, he used to scold her, why, because he used to get hurt, why did he let her go for Juhi. Bebe asks Neil to answer Shweta. Shweta says I was hating Avni, but I realized my mistake, I accepted her as my bahu, why did you not stop him, say something.

Neil cries. Avni walks on the beach. Judaai…..plays….. Avni says I know you are always there with me. She slips. Neil holds her in arms. They have an eyelock. Neil says sand was slipping. Avni says I was sure you will manage me. He asks why did you come here. She says you would have not let me go far and take this risk, if I told this to you, you have to be with Juhi, she lost her daughter, she needs you right now. Neil says look at these waves, they go away from shores to return. She says yes, this is the relation between waves and shores. He asks can you stay away from me. She says see this sand, it has all our memories, none can snatch that, when my heart loses, I know you will support me, give me courage and get me out of every problem, your memories are my strength. He disappears. She looks around and thinks of his words.

Prakash says Avni has switched off her phone. Bebe asks Shweta to have courage. Neela asks how will Lord make everything fine. Prakash says I will get Avni. Neela says we won’t get Avni, she knows to hide, I taught her to hide, I had hidden her from Dayaben all these years, we won’t find her till she wishes so. She cries. Neil says I have found Avni once, she tried to hide as Ananya Verma, I will find her once again, I will get her back, this is my promise.

DD asks for Amol’s file. Ali comes and says DD, Avni is missing. Neil comes and says no need to take tension, Nanno needs you, take care of her. Ali says you would have madly try to find her. Neil says its not easy to find any missing person. Ali says Avni is your wife. Neil says everyone gives me lecture, she left a letter, did she share anything, why shall I find her, knowing she doesn’t want to stay with me. Ali says its not true. Neil says I won’t find her now. Ali says I m going out of city and will find her, like I found her last time. He goes.

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