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My Identity 10 July 2021: My Identity Saturday 10th July 2021 update The Episode starts with Avni asking Juhi to give Mishti. Ali says Avni asked me to get tickets, she wanted to take Mishti away. DD says don’t worry, wish plan B is not needed. Juhi says you can’t kill me Avni. Vidyut looks on. He says you have started your countdown yourself, I will always remember this enmity. 

Avni counts 3…. Vidyut shoots. Juhi gets shot. Avni, Neil and Neela get shocked. Juhi and Mishti fall down the cliff. Neil runs to them. Avni gets shocked. Neil and Neel stop Avni and ask her to calm down. Avni shouts for Mishti. Police reaches there. Avni asks Neil to save Mishti.

Bebe asks where are Neil and Avni, something bad is going to happen. Vidyut asks the goon not to let Neil and Avni get Mishti. He says I want Mishti alive. He leaves in the car. DD asks the team to find Mishti and Juhi. Neil picks the gun. Neela says we will get Mishti. Vidyut smiles. Team collects the proof. Avni gives her fingerprints. DD says Avni is at crime scene, its just formalities. Avni sits in shock. Neil asks what happened here, tell me, we will get Mishti, don’t worry.

Avni says Mishti fell down, I knew how to swim when I fell down, Mishti doesn’t know swimming. Neela thinks Avni is recalling her past when Dayaben shot her. Neil asks Avni to answer, who shot the bullet. Neela asks Avni to answer Neil. Avni says Dayavanti…. They get shocked. Avni faints. Neil holds her. Ali asks what’s happening. Bebe asks Shweta where are Neil and Avni, something terrible is going to happen.

My Identity 10 July 2021 update Vidyut meets Gurumaa. She asks Ballu to get away and not get caught by police. Ballu takes her blessing and leaves. Vidyut says I have tied such a thread to Avni’s feet, she can’t fly again. FB shows Vidyut asking Ballu to fight with Avni and make her shoot a bullet. Ballu gets shot on his leg. FB ends. Vidyut says the gun has Avni’s fingerprints, now Avni will be blamed for Juhi’s murder. Gurumaa says Dayaben’s revenge got fulfilled today. He says Avni will get arrested and imprisoned. She asks what about Mishti. He says she has drowned in the sea along with her mum.

Neela asks Ali to inform Shweta, Avni has gone home, she fell unconscious, doctor is with her. She says we didn’t get Mishti yet. She sees Juhi’s body. She says they found Juhi’s body. Ali says fine. Shweta asks what happened. Neil sees Juhi’s body. He says DD, ask divers to find Mishti, I want her, one bullet is fired from this gun, we heard a gunshot before, we have to find out where is the other gun. DD asks do you think Avni… Neil says we should have evidence before we accusing anyone. DD says I didn’t mean that, sorry. Neela says if evidence is not found then… Avni dreams of Mishti and wakes up… She says Neil, I m going to get Mishti.

He says relax, she is safe, she is in our house. She asks is she fine, she will be much scared, you saved her Neil. He says we saved her. She says I tried my best, I fought with Juhi, but I didn’t get Mishti, now she is here. He says we won. They hug. He kisses her. Aye dil hai mushkil….plays…. He cares for her wounds. Avni wakes up from sleep and looks around. She says I need to talk to you Neil, where is my phone. Neil is in police station. He recalls Juhi’s death. DD says commissioner is waiting for you. Shweta comes to Avni. Avni asks did you get Mishti. Shweta cries sand hugs her. Avni asks why don’t you say something, where is she. Avni says no, Mishti….. Shweta says don’t lose hope.

Neil says I heard two bullet firing sound, one was shot at Juhi, we have to find out another gun. DD says we didn’t get any gun there. Neil says this news shouldn’t leak outside. Vidyut comes running and begs Neil to help him. Neil asks what help. Vidyut says Mishti is my daughter. Neil says I know. Vidyut says Juhi has messaged me. He shows the video, where Juhi reveals Mishti is his daughter. Juhi says I want to marry Neil, I m scared of Avni, she can do anything with me. Vidyut asks them to help him find Mishti. Commissioner says sorry, Juhi is no more. Vidyut asks what, you are lying. Commissioner says someone shot her, Juhi and Mishti fell down the cliff into the sea. DD says we didn’t find Mishti.

My Identity 10 July 2021: Vidyut says Mishti doesn’t know swimming, save her. Neil asks where were you the whole day. Vidyut says you are suspecting me, you have seen the video, I have no motive to kill Juhi, Avni had the motive, anyone from your team would have been there at the time of the incident, did anyone not see the culprit. Commissioner asks who was there Neil. Neil says Avni… even you have a motive, Juhi betrayed you, maybe you have murdered her. Vidyut says fine, if I fail to give you a proof, you can punish me, what if I prove Avni has shot Juhi, will you arrest her. Ali comes and looks on. Neil gets worried.

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