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My Identity 26 June 2021 update: The Episode starts with Neil holding Avni close. Dehleez pe mere dil ki….Haan sikha maine jeena jeena…..plays…. Shweta feeds milk to Mishti. Neil kisses Avni. They get close. Juhi cries seeing the doll. She packs the bag. Avni shies away. Neil sings the song. He says I want your support in every moment.

Constable asks Gurumaa to have food. Gurumaa asks her to feed the dogs. Constable asks did you go mad. Gurumaa says listen to me, the story of Juhi, Ragini and her son, we gave a life and death to Meher, Neil gave a life and death to Juhi, and what did he get in return, that he is Mishti’s dad, Juhi you are alive, it means I m free now, wait for me. She laughs.

Neil says our Suhaagraat didn’t happen, I mean that ghunghat, haldi glass and etc. She says don’t expect this from me. He says atleast for comic relief, get a milk glass for me, get shy and I will sing song. He covers her with ghunghat and does drama like old movie heroes. She smiles and says you got mad, I m already Mrs. Khanna. He says you have to be suhaagan like in tv serials, today Sajna will fill sindoor in your maang, I got mad, yahoo…

Juhi goes to the gate. He says I read in Shastra, if wife’s maang is long, husband’s life is long. She falls on bed. Sindoor falls on her face. She sneezes. He asks are you fine. Neela calls Juhi. Juhi says I m waiting for Shweta and Mishti, where are you. Neela says sorry, I m not coming, Ali is coming to take you, but I m always with you. Juhi agrees. He sees the car coming and says maybe Ali has come. She keeps her bag in backseat. She says Shweta will get Mishti…. She gets shocked seeing Vidyut. He says you were dead right, I mean media said so, but you look alive. She cries.

Neil says I will call doctor. She says I have allergy with colors, but this is sindoor, call Neela, she knows everything. Vidyut says Meher, don’t force me, just silently sit in the car, else I will tell everyone your truth. Neil comes at the window, but doesn’t see Juhi. Vidyut asks Juhi to sit in the car, else Neil, Avni and they have to discuss who is Mishti’s real dad, Neil or Vidyut. She sits in the car. He drives off. Neil calls Neela and tells about Avni’s allergy. She asks did she eat anything wrong. He says sindoor fell on her face. She says give her curd. He asks what to do of curd. Avni says let it be, I will manage. Neil says she got annoyed. Neela says Neil and Avni are still awake, they can see Shweta and Juhi leaving.

Shweta takes Mishti. She hides on seeing Avni. Neil says sorry, what did Neela say exactly, applying curd or eating it, go to room, I will get curd. Avni goes. Avni sneezes. She throws tissues. She sees the sindoor in dustbin and says how did this fall in dustbin, what was in sindoor box then. She checks the sindoor fallen on the floor. She says its color, did anyone put this in sindoor box intentionally.

Vidyut laughs and says Meher, my darling, I m glad seeing you, you are alive for me, I booked entire cafe, tell me what will you have, you know I hate to hear no, fine give me your hand Juhi. He shouts. He gets a knife. She says no, please don’t do this. He says you know I like playing this game with you. He stabs between her fingers. She says leave me alone, what do you want. He says I don’t like crying kids and crying women, keep quiet. She says you are a cheap fallen person, leave me. He asks what’s your problem, do you have psychological disorder, you have sent his ex BF and his wife to Goa to get my daughter, you lied to your ex BF that Mishti is his child, not fair. He continues to hit the knife. She screams. He asks her not to cry. He says I don’t like weak people. She says fine I m weak, but I m better than you, just a devil can have such bad power. He says you learnt talking staying with ACP’s wife.

Ali says Juhi was with you right. Shweta says yes, but now she is not inside. Vidyut says you are cheap, why did you lie to Neil, Mishti is my daughter, you can’t forget how she was born, you thought to use Mishti to get your love. She says just shut up, your mum said Neil will never get my daughter, he will never accept me, I just worried for my daughter, you and your mum won’t understand this, a woman should have motherly love, your mum is a devil, she doesn’t deserve to be called a mum. He angrily scolds her. He says my mum says right, women like you are a sin, your real place was in Rangmahal, you burnt the place, I can kill you right away, but you will get my mum released now, you know you can’t refuse to me, you can lie more.

She says yes I lied, I wanted to save my daughter from you, I m ashamed to call you my daughter’s father, you torture and threaten her, I accept you are Mishti’s father, but just blood is same, nothing else, you have never given her father’s love, then how did you become her father, I wanted to save you from your hell, so I lied to Neil and his family. He says you did good, you are a great mum and I m a cheap dad, if you don’t tell the world that your murder was a drama, I will tell everyone who is Mishti’s dad, then you will be out from Neil’s life and house forever. He leaves. Ali says where did Juhi go. Neela comes and asks Shweta where is Juhi. Shweta says she is not here. Ali calls Juhi and says she is not answering. Neela says she maybe in trouble, we should tell everything to Neil. Neil comes and asks what.

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