My Identity update Saturday 6 February 2021 On Starlife


My Identity 6 February 2021: My Identity update Saturday 6th February 2021, Dayaben thinking of Neela’s words. Ketan comes and says don’t worry, Hetal will make Neela busy. She asks what does Neela know. Ketan asks what, she would have cancelled marriage. Neela hears them. Dayaben says she did not cancel marriage, Hemant understood Ashish was drunk and did not embarrass me with questions, Neela says something and has other thing in mind, her behavior changed. She asks Lord what game are you playing with me, you do anything, I will not lose, I m ready.

Avni says I want to see the footage. Aladin says I will decide it, you can see it after editing. Avni argues and asks him to show footage. Aladin asks kids to stop. Fatima and Asha also come. They all see the footage. Aladin also tries to see, and Avni blocks him to tease. She asks him to come and see with them. They all clap for Avni. Aladin praises himself. Fatima says what did you do, Avni did talented work, why are you taking credit. Aladin asks her to give him some credit. Avni sees video and says something is incomplete. Aladin says there is much work, color correction and music. Avni says no, this is one side of story. Where is other side. Asha asks what. Avni says Mehta’s side, till we don’t have their scenes, our film will be incomplete. Aladin asks are you mad, take her to doctor. Fatima says you need doctor, Avni is right, every coin has two sides. Aladin says she is saying about Mehtas, will she make Ashish and Dayavanti do acting. Fatima says yes. Asha says how will they agree, its impossible. Avni says but we have to make them act to show complete truth, I want to say real story. I have to make Mehtas part of this story.

Ashish wakes up and recalls what he told Asha. He realizes his mistake and throws things in his room. He apologizes and feels sorry. He sees Asha’s missed call. Asha says Avni I don’t think he will call. Avni says its imp for my movie, he has to call. She apologizes to Asha that she has to do this for the film. Asha hugs her. Ashish calls Asha. He apologizes to Asha. He asks can I meet you. Asha says yes, I wanted to meet you, will you come. He says yes, of course, I m coming Ashudi. He cries and says I love you a lot. Asha cries and ends call. Asha tells Avni that Ashish is coming. Avni hugs her and says everything will be fine.

Avni talks to Aladin about the scene. Aladin says we have two scenes with Ashish. Avni says Ashish and Asha have to say I love you. He explains that Ashish will not know we are shooting, just Asha will know it. Avni says its tough for mumma, we can shoot that later. He says no, its impossible for me, try to understand, can Asha give expressions seeing someone else, she can’t emote that feelings, my name will go as director with this movie, I will not compromise my work. They all sit thinking. Asha says it will happen as Aladin wants, what do we have to do. Aladin shows cameras and says Angie will handle one camera from window, this is our field, this is Ashish’s mark, if he gets away, you have to get him on mark, he should not know what we are doing.

Fatima says Ashish is also a director, he will doubt what is happening here. Aladin says then game over, we have to be alert and not make mistake, after I love you scene, Asha will do scene to return mangalsutra to Ashish. Ashish is leaving. Nela stops him and says I have come to stay here. Ashish asks when. She reminds what happened yesterday. He does not remember. She says I was pulling your leg, did you get scared. He smiles and says I m getting late. She says I got coffee for you. He says I have to reach somewhere. She taunts him.

She asks him to share his problems, she can understand, and maybe she can help him. He worries and says something happened which I have to manage, I will have coffee with you some other day. She says okay. He says I have to go now. He goes. She says you did not say truth again.

Avni says why this scene of mangalsutra now. Aladin says I can’t call Ashish again and again, and Asha and Ashish have to change costumes too. Avni asks Asha not to take stress and just do what she can. Aladin says we have to change properties too. Avni asks him to see Asha’s stress. He asks you think making reality is easy, its like living happiness and sorrow again, past is painful, is everything the same after your dad left. Avni says one thing changed, Ashish’s pic on that wall. Aladin says now its yours and Asha’s pic, I want Ashish’s pic back. Avni asks how to arrange it. He says its your headache. She asks why are you being difficult. He says you gave me big work, I can’t cheat my work and not disappoint you, lying is easy, but you have to work hard to say truth, this movie will be like truth, did you find truth bitter. Avni says truth looks bitter to those who has no courage to hear it. She asks Tiku to arrange Ashish’s pic. Tiku goes. Avni asks Aladin how to change costumes and props. Aladin says I have an idea, I hope it works. Avni sees Asha worried.


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