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My Identity 9 January 2021: My Identity Saturday 9th January 2021, Episode starts with the kidnappers seeing Neela. They think to take revenge for that night. Neela talks to Hemant and tells about the car stopping. The kidnappers catch her. She recalls the night when she saved a girl from them. She asks them to leave her, else she will shout. They ask her to shout and put her in car dickey. She gets hit and faints. They take her in the car. Ali gives ideas to make Avni famous. Avni calls it bad idea. Ali feels hungry. He asks her to open cooking class, he will make her famous. She says say you are hungry, come home, we will go and have food. They leave.

Ketan comes to meet Asha. She opens the door thinking its Avni. She asks what work does he have, Ashish is not here. He says I know he won’t come in day, and Maa did not give him permission to come at night, Ashish is marrying a good valued girl from a nice family. She asks why did he enter home. He says Maa had pity on you, how will you get money if Ashish does not take your service. He throws money bag. Asha cries and slaps him. She asks him to get out.

He runs and catches her. He scolds her and says you gave service to Ashish, you have money for it, listen to me now. He pushes her and asks her to leave the city with Avni, else result will not be good. Ketan scares her and says you know, its sad for a mother to be sorrowful for daughter’s death. Asha gets shocked. He asks her to do what he says. He says you know what will we do if you don’t agree. He leaves. Asha worries.

Ali, Avni and Kia hear the sound coming from the car. Neela cries and shouts. Avni says Ali, someone is in problem. Ali says we will run. Avni says no, we will not leave anyone in trouble. Ali and Kia check the car. Kia says car door is locked. Ali gets an idea. He takes a stone and asks them to move. He throws stone and nothing happens. Kia argues with him. Avni thinks of some idea.

She gets a metal rod and hits the car glass. Kia takes the video. Avni breaks the glass. Avni opens the car doors. She says we have to tear car seat as dickey will not open, we have to find something and tear seat to get that person out. She gets a screw driver.

Avni tears the seat, Neela sees her eyes and identifies her. Ali asks Avni who is inside. Avni asks him to be quiet. Ali sees goons and asks Avni to run away. Neela asks them to go. Avni says we will not leave you. The goons come there and see car doors open. They check and open dickey. Neela kicks them. The goon holds her neck and says today I will not leave you. Avni says this aunty will die and hits on the goon’s head. Kia records them.

Avni asks her to help. Kia says you have to get famous. Ali prays and jumps on the goon. Kia says wow Avni, you saved aunty like a hero. Ali asks Avni to run. They beat goons and run. Neela asks them to stop. Police comes and catches goon. Neela says where did she go. She recalls Avni. She says there is some connection between us, that I see you often, I have to find you Avni.

My Identity 9 January 2021: Fatima says rich people just have money, not emotions and hearts. Fatima asks how can they tag your price, if I price Ashish then, how can they disrespect you. Asha says they threatened about Avni, we will leave this city. Fatima asks where will we go leaving everything. Asha says I lost name, respect, love and relations, I don’t want to lose Avni.

Ali, Avni and Kia come to locality. Ali asks Avni did she get much hurt. She says no, its small lie. Kia says Avni see the fight video, you saved aunty like hero. She shows the video. Ali says I look so handsome like hero. Ali and Kia argue. Kia says I will share this video on friendbook, and Avni will get famous. Avni stops them and says no need to share this, as they did not do this good deed for getting famous. Kia praises Avni.

My Identity 9 January 2021: Asha says I have to do this for Avni. Fatima asks how, we don’t have money. Tiku asks why, we don’t need to return this money, what did Ashish give us, its Avni’s money. Fatima agrees. Asha says I don’t want their money, I m just worried for Avni. Fatima asks her to keep this as Meher of Nikaah. Asha says no, marriage did not happen, no Meher, I will leave with Avni.Avni hears them and says we will not take this money, we will not leave this city.

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