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My Identity 11 July 2021: My Identity update Sunday 11th July 2021 Ali hearing Vidyut and leaving. Commissioner says a criminal is always a criminal, whatever happened with Avni in childhood and what happened today… you have to arrest her. Neil says you will get my resignation. Ali asks Avni to come with him, her life will be ruined, system won’t support her, she will get arrested. Shweta says no, Neil won’t let this happen, she is innocent. Ali says who will believe this. Avni says I didn’t shoot, my heart is saying Neil will prove me innocent.

My Identity 11 July 2021: says don’t know what to do. Neela asks do you think Avni can shoot Juhi. Neil says my heart says Avni can’t do this, but Vidyut planned this, don’t know how, commissioner asked me can I arrest Avni… A girl shouts catch that man, he is running away with my child. Neil runs after that man and beats him. He takes the baby and gives to the lady. The lady thanks him. She says I kept baby in stroller, I went to shop to get milk, he ran away with my baby. Neil says it is your duty to protect your child. She says I did mistake. He says baby can stay hungry, but baby can’t live without you, sometimes we have to keep a stone on our heart to protect our loved ones. He gets DD’s call and gets shocked. Neela asks what happened. He says says forensic reports have come, gun power residue is found on Avni’s hand, it means she has shot the bullet, all evidences are against her.

Avni comes to the police station. Vidyut comes in front of her. He says you look so helpless and failed, I don’t like defeating you like this, I told you I never lose to women. She says you are worried for win and failure, your daughter fell in the sea, don’t you care for her, I know you killed Juhi. He says relax, all the proofs are against you, so yes. She says Neil is with me. He laughs and says you also believe Neil is a superman and he will save you, its good if he frees you, I will enjoy this game. She says pray that I don’t get free, if I get released, then you will have same fate like Dayaben. He says great, the fighter is back, we both like to play game in the crime world, we have this common, a game between two equals….

She says go and ask your mum, what it means to provoke an enemy like me, I use any means to get to my enemy, you would have never thought that a woman can be your enemy. He stares at her. She says you enjoy this as a game, remember, I will complete this game, then you will face your most dreaded enemy, Ananya Verma, you better wait for me Vidyut. She leaves. He recalls Avni…and smiles.

My Identity 11 July 2021 update: Vidyut waits for Neil. Neil comes to him. Vidyut says welcome, I forgot your lovely face, I thought to invite you and have a cup of tea, your life has much stress, you have duty on one side and your beautiful wife on the other side, I heard forensics report won’t save your wife, you have to arrest her right. Neil says I know you have killed Juhi and trapped Avni in all this. Vidyut says wow, you are very smart, okay please arrest me, don’t you have proof, you know what, I can foresee just pain in your life, I will make it easy for you, I will give you two options, arrest your wife and put her behind bars, else trade your wife in exchange for her freedom. Neil holds his collar and scolds him. He beats his guards. Vidyut holds Neil’s hand. Neil punches his face. Vidyut laughs.

He asks what happened, beat me…. if you think you can save your wife by beating me, beat me… you can’t save your wife, but I can save her, you know what, how and why, she has something, since I have seen her, she is not able to get her out of my mind, she is like fire, now I understand why you are mad about her, she is fearless, she has a sharp mind, she is so beautiful, she can talk to me by meeting my eyes, she raised hand on me, I decided to give her a place in my heart, first I desired her, then obsession and now she is my love. Neil holds his collar and says I will kill you. Vidyut says I will give you an advice for free, you have less time, don’t think about killing me, think for your wife, either arrest her or hand her over to me, your bad time starts now, my good time is running, you have two options and one decision, I will see you soon. He leaves.

DD calls forensics lab to get gunpowder residue report. Neil comes to commissioner. Commissioner asks him to take holiday, but not resign. Neil says I want to take responsibility of this case. Commissioner says you have to arrest your wife. Avni comes there and hears them. Commissioner says we have just few hours. Neil says every accused is innocent till crime is proved, maybe we didn’t get any evidence, we failed to notice evidence, we have few hours to investigate. Commissioner says we will get much pressure, the blame is on an ACP’s wife. Neil says I m aware of that. Avni says it will be tough for you Neil, you are bearing this because of me. She turns to go. Neil stops her. She asks about Mishti. He says we will get her. She says maybe someone else found her. He says we are searching for her, go home and rest, I want you to be safe, please listen to me. She says no, I will go on my own, find Mishti. She goes.

My Identity 11 July 2021: Neil says we have just some hours to find evidence to prove her innocence. At the crime spot, Avni sees the police seal. She recalls Neil’s words and stops. She says Neil will understand its imp to find proof, I didn’t shoot Juhi, I didn’t kill my mum, what am I saying, I was a child that time, Dayaben used system, not now, I can prove myself innocent. She goes ahead and recalls Mishti. She says I wish I could save you Mishti. She looks down the cliff. Neil holds her hand and pulls her back.

Neil asks what’s written here. She says listen to me…. do not cross… He says I was praying you don’t do anything wrong, you have to break law, police will think you came here to erase evidence. She says no, do you think I have killed Juhi. He thinks Avni, you have no idea what Vidyut has done, I want to save you, I don’t want to arrest you.

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