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My Identity 13 June 2021: Neil asking Avni to use anger in her game, else she will lose. Avni tells Mishti that they will win. The game begins. Neil plays from teachers side. Mishti says you said Neil will protect us, he is making us lose. Avni says no, we will win. Vidyut is on the way. He sees time. He asks driver to stop the car and get out. He gets in driving seat and races.

Neil catches Avni. They fall on the ground. She tries to touch the boundary line. Neil says I told you I won’t leave you this time. She kisses on his cheek. He gets stunned and looks at her. She touches the line and wins. Neil smiles and gets off her. They get up. Mishti comes and hugs Avni. Mishti says you are the best angel. Avni says I did some cheating, he is the best. Mishti says but he was making you lose. Avni says yes. Neil gets a call from DD and asks what, Ballu got bailed, pandit can get conscious, track Ballu.

Doctor asks DD to come with him. DD stops the ward boy/Ballu and asks him to show his ID. He says you can’t go in, the ward boys whom we selected can go in, no one else. Mishti says I m having fun here, I won’t go home. Vidyut comes to the camp. Inspector asks him to come along and give statement about minister’s case. Vidyut says I have said everything. Inspector says give me 10 mins. Vidyut says my daughter is in this camp. Inspector insists. Few men look on. Vidyut makes a call to senior.

Avni pushes Neil. Neil asks what would I do, would I dance saying my Avni. She asks why were you flirting there, I m doing this on your saying, this acting is tough. He says I m also acting, you are Avni and I m Neil here. She pushes him away. He says when I saw you, I wanted to hug you, we did drama that you left me. She says how would we get Mishti then, but you were flirting. He says when you get jealous, you look very beautiful. Udi udi….plays…. Avni beats him and says you were flirting. He says my heart is clean, there were so beautiful ladies there. They fall in the waters and have an eyelock.

She says you think its easy for me, I missed you, I also wished to hug you. They hug. He says thanks, you made me meet my daughter, you took a big risk. FB shows Avni telling Neil that she is always with him. He holds her hand. She asks him to leave her hand. He makes her wear the ring. Tu safar mera…..plays…. He says none can take your place, past won’t affect us, I chose you, I love you Avni just the way you are. They hug. Avni asks Neil was this police operation imp, if their plan failed. Neil says we have to take this risk, Vidyut is laying a trap, he is in Goa now, he does illegal business there, Amol told this to me, Dayaben trusted Amol and told him everything. She asks if chawl is a trap, why are you going there.

He says we have to plan our attack. He tells Juhi that they have to plan to get child safely. Avni says I want to go there, he doesn’t know me. He says you are taking big risk. Avni says we are going to lie to family, is this wrong, their heart will break. He says I know, but we have to take this step for our plan. He asks Juhi not to worry, he won’t let anything happen to their daughter. Neil tells Avni that she will get chance to go on anniversary time. They hear Neela coming and start arguing. Avni changes Vidyut’s meal in flight. Neil gets informed from Ali. He asks Avni not to get sighted by Ali. He tells her that he left and she should reach camp soon. FB ends.

Neil asks how is my daughter. Avni says she is scared of Vidyut, I won’t let her go back. He says we will take her tomorrow, none knows I m in Goa, I made a lie trap. She asks what’s the plan. He says Vidyut’s casino has grand opening. She says this will be great. Vidyut thinks why is commissioner not answering my call. Neil asks what’s the need to do all this. Avni says I don’t want anyone else to become Ananya Verma, you got me out of this, I want to get Mishti out, our relation is of equality, 3.5 pheras each, we will save Mishti from Vidyut’s clutches tomorrow and take her. They see Mishti playing and smile.

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