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My Identity 18 July 2021: My Identity update Sunday 18th July 2021 The Episode starts with Neil filling sindoor in Avni’s maang in the painting. He taunts Vidyut and leaves. Vidyut says I will show you your status. Avni says I have done all the duties in kitchen, do you have any complaints. He signs her to fix the wall. She sees the bigger damage patch. She says I didn’t do this. They argue. She gets angry and starts repairing the wall.

He sits eating the watermelon. He imagines…. Dil diyan gallan….plays…. He goes to Avni. He offers her the melon. She smiles. She kisses him. He holds ears and apologizes. His imagination ends. He sees Avni. He again imagines going to her and holding her face. They hug. The cement falls over him. He sits well. The ladder shakes up. Neil goes and holds her in arms. He gets close to her, and gets away. Avni sees the blue prints file. Neil asks are you fine. She says don’t expect thanks from me. He says you don’t know anything. She says I know everything, why did you come here. He asks her to fix the wall, and not talk about personal things, whatever was there between…

She says you are right, whatever it was, its over now, do you get sleep at night, I sleep well with peace here, you will never deserve my love, you are heartless. He holds her close and makes her feel his heartbeat. They have an eyelock. He gets a call. Avni says I have finished my duty, can I go to my cell. Neil sends her. Avni says why do I feel Neil has come here for some ulterior motive, shall I check the tunnel by removing the rubble once. She comes to her cell and gets shocked seeing the wall. She gets Neil’s note. He writes, Mata Rani’s portrait is in right direction now, you will get what you want. Neil thanks DD for fixing the wall and making his message reach Avni.

Avni says Neil knew this, so he kept me busy all day, he has played a game with me again, he has cheated me again, it took me six months to make this tunnel, you have wasted all my hard work in one day, I can go out if I get the jail’s map, Neil said right, now Mata Rani will show me the path, you will see how I get that file and escape from here.

Neil sees Avni and thinks I m doing all this to save you. Tara and Sitara fight for sindoor. Mausi asks for whom did you get this sindoor. The sindoor box falls. Neil catches it. Sindoor falls in Avni’s maang. She thinks of Neil. He thinks that day was such unlucky, what could I do. Avni says sindoor, marriage, vows, love, its all a nonsense, its a chain that men make women wear, they fool women and rule on them, we do what they want, women just get betrayal in return. He goes.

Vidyut sees profiles of all the prisoners. He chooses Monica and says she is perfect, just like me, Neil and Avni can become united, I won’t let this happen, its time to meet Monica, she will help me. Ballu asks how will you go inside the jail. Vidyut asks him to sing jingle bells. Vidyut sings along with him.

Neil sees sindoor box and says your hatred increases my guilt, I wish I could tell you the truth. DD says Avni is angry, but if you both get annoyed, how will this go ahead, its time to become romantic hero, we will keep Christmas party tonight, you give a gift to her. Neil likes the idea. DD says I will take permission from jailer. Neil says Avni won’t get a chance to run away, I want to see her smile on seeing my Christmas gift.

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