My Identity update Sunday 21 February 2021 On Starlife


My Identity 21 February 2021: My Identity update Sunday 21st February 2021, The Episode starts with Avni saying his name is Aman Aisha. Everyone get shocked. Ketan says how did she come here. Pandit asks Avni to come, who are you. Avni says I m his sister, my mumma kept his name Aman before his birth. Pandit says so you are Dayaben’s grand daughter. Dayaben says this can’t be name. Pandit says why not, its such a good name, sister can keep brother’s name, puja got completed. Dayaben says sorry, alphabet should be followed. Pandit says alphabet is A, and Aman is also by A, Avni has kept a beautiful name for her brother. Avni says my mumma kept this name. Dayaben says his name will be Amol. Pandit says I gave you the alphabet, now its your wish, everyone like to fight to keep their fav names, you guys fight, I will leave. He goes. Dayaben tells Avni that his name is Amol, he is my heir, none can keep his name.

Neela comes and says you have snatched a lot from Avni, just Avni has right to name the baby. Ketan asks how did Neela come out of lockup. Dayaben says don’t know. Neela asks Avni are you fine and hugs her. Avni says I m fine. Neela asks Dayaben will you give Avni her rights or not. Dayaben tells Neela that she was worried for Avni, I will not make her disappear, I thought you did this.

Neela taunts her to wear a mask always, but I have seen your real face, you can’t fool me now. Dayaben says Avni is playing game with your emotions, why will she keep my grandson’s name. Neela says she is Aman’s sister. Dayaben says his name is Amol, everything is according to me here, if anyone has problem, they can go. Neela says none can make Avni leave, what will you do, will you get me killed too. Dayaben says you think so bad about me, Hemant is such Devpurush and look at your bad thinking, you got in bad company, change for good. Neela says this is my good values that I m helping Avni, listen to me, Avni and I will not go anywhere, it will be better for you to bear us, Avni will stay as member, not a prisoner, lets play the war in open.

Dayaben says you are saying a lot. Neela says police will decide limit, inspector has some work, he is waiting for you. Dayaben asks why. Neela says maybe you did something that he wants to meet you. Dayaben says there is nothing like that. Neela asks her to go and meet. Inspector asks Avni don’t you have any idea who kidnapped you. Avni says no, when I left from police station, I took a taxi, many events happened in that bad clinic and jungle. He says something is wrong, we found out Asha died by suffocation, doctors said oxygen mask was removed, CCTV footage was deleted, even online backup is deleted, someone erased the proof, its a planning behind Asha’s death, fake email is sent from this house. Avni says this is my laptop’s serial number, Dayaben snatched this from me some days back, it means all things sign to Dayaben. Inspector says if you say, I will reopen Asha’s case and investigate. Avni asks him to reopen case. He asks her to take elder’s sign, is there anyone whom you can trust. Avni sees Dayaben coming. She says yes, I have an idea, I need your help for it.

Dayaben meets inspector and asks did you call me. Inspector says Avni wants to investigate her mum’s death. Dayaben says but her mum died by…. He says Asha died by suffocation, we did not find anything right, Avni got wrong report and CCTV footage got missing, what do you think, who can do this. Dayaben asks how will I know. Avni says yes, how will she know, she does not go out from home, someone knowing technology can do this. Dayaben says she is right. Inspector says police will find out, criminal does mistake, I praise Avni, see we reached here, its your duty to help Avni, just sign on this FIR, we will start investigation. Dayaben asks can I talk to Avni. He says sure.

Dayaben says its good you came, I was thinking who will take care of Aman if I go out, I have to admit you in Riya’s school, you have many responsibilities, leave this police case, who will manage Aman. Avni says don’t take tension, I will manage everything, I have to find mumma’s murderer, we have to help inspector, what do you think, who is behind this. Dayaben says I don’t like to put hand in dirt, you also don’t do this, I explained you, don’t you have your brother. Avni says I know you worry for me, just sign on FIR, I promise I will make everything fine. She asks Dayaben to come. Dayaben’s hand shake to sign on FIR. Neela says hands should not shake to do good work. Dayaben signs. Inspector says thanks, now we will catch murderer. Neela says we will help you in finding murderer, I will be with Avni. Inspector leaves.

Neela hugs Avni. Dayaben says things are going out of hands, I have to do something soon. Neela shows Avni her room and says see the soft toys for you, there is everything here, you can have any snacks. Avni cries seeing Asha’s pic. Neela asks her to stay here. Neela hugs her. Avni says I always felt I will stay in that dark room always, I used to feel scared of cockroaches, I could not sleep there, this is such good room. Neela cries and hugs her. She tickles Avni and asks her to enjoy. Avni tickles her. Neela asks her to be happy. Avni recalls Asha seeing Neela.


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