My Identity 1 July 2021: The Episode starts with Mishti talking to doll and telling about her new dad, superman who will save her from Sir. Neil hugs her and promises to protect her. Bebe shouts Juhi and calls her. She asks her to read Mishti’s DNA report and tell everyone what’s written in it. Neil asks why are you doing this, everyone knows Mishti is my daughter. Bebe asks Juhi to read, whom is she waiting for. Juhi reads the report. She says Mishti’s DNA matched with mine and Neil’s DNA, it means I m her mum and Neil is her dad. Juhi thinks I think Vidyut changed reports. Avni says but we knew this. Juhi says yes Avni, but some people had doubt. Bebe gives the report to Shweta and says read this, Mishti is Neil’s daughter, none should forget this, Juhi will get help from everyone, but Juhi is Mishti’s mum, so she will decide about Mishti. Neil says we didn’t take wrong decision.

Bebe says I don’t know anything, just Avni took decisions for her. She asks Avni why did she save Mishti. Avni says so that Mishti stays with her mum. Bebe says yes, please let her stay with her mum now. Avni says yes, but I didn’t wish… Bebe says Mishti got away from her mum because of you, Juhi has complete right on Mishti. Neil says Avni is trying to make them bond. Bebe asks whose decision was this, to get Mishti home, did I stop you. He says no. She says now everyone will listen to me, no one will stop me. Avni says but Bebe, I didn’t wish this to happen. Bebe shouts enough. Avni cries and goes.

Prakash says Bebe, maybe you are right, but Avni is not wrong. Bebe says I will make this easy for everyone, Neil… Mishti is your daughter, legally adopt her, end this enmity with Vidyut. Juhi smiles. Bebe says media have reached home now, I can’t bear this. She goes.

Juhi says Neil, we should forget Vidyut. Neil says mom, Avni shouldn’t be alone at this time. Juhi says Vidyut is dangerous. He scolds her for not supporting Avni when Bebe said all this. He goes to Avni. Vidyut says Khanna family can’t breath in peace, this will begin tomorrow, when Neil comes to arrest me for kidnapping Mishti, I will turn the tables again. Gurumaa says I m sure my won will win this game.

Avni cries seeing Neela’s pic. Neil comes to her. He asks are you missing Neela, I know you felt bad of Bebe’s words, no one becomes mum by just giving birth. She says I don’t want to become Mishti’s mum, I just want this to become right. He says I know this. She says let me say what I m feeling, I didn’t go Goa to save Mishti and become her mum, I didn’t wish her to go through all that pain which I went through, she learnt he word illegitimate, she will lose all her innocence and childhood, I don’t want her to become Avni, I want her to have a good life. He says so she sees a mum in you. She says her mum is Juhi. He says like Juhi is reacting these days, I don’t feel she is old Juhi, she was never like that, this will affect Mishti, which I don’t want. She thinks Shweta also feels Juhi has changed, this time is not right for all this. They hold hands.

Vidyut comes to Juhi. She asks what happened Neil, are you worried for me. She turns and gets shocked seeing him. He says I thought to call and come, but then I thought to give you a surprise, don’t cry at all, we are crime partners now, did you think I won’t come in Neil’s house, I can come anywhere just like the devil, I will tell my plan, Neil will come to arrest me tomorrow, you have to leave Mishti with Avni, you will come with him, I will tell you the rest of the plan.

Its morning, Avni comes to Juhi. Juhi says I was making paratha for Mishti, what did Neil decide, does he still want to arrest Vidyut. Avni asks why, don’t you want this, he did wrong with you. Juhi says he is dangerous. Avni says you are fighting for Mishti, you have to be strong. Neil comes and asks Juhi to take care of Mishti and not make any mistake, he is going to arrest Vidyut.

Bebe says I m a mum, I love Avni, but I m worried for Mishti now. Prakash says for Mishti’s sake, Neil decided to arrest Vidyut today, Neil needs your blessings. Neil comes to take her blessings. She says when you don’t have to listen to me, what does this blessing matter. Juhi asks Avni to take care of Mishti. She says I want to support Neil today, I want to see Vidyut getting arrested, does Neil not wish her to get rid of her fears. Bebe looks on and goes. Juhi says I will just talk to Bebe and come. Avni gives paratha to Mishti. Juhi asks Bebe why is she annoyed with Avni. Avni hears them. Bebe says Avni will directly ask me if she has to talk to me, you don’t need to ask anything. Juhi goes with Neil and DD.

Avni comes to Bebe. Bebe says you also came to say that I m wrong. Avni says no, you can never be wrong, but what’s the matter, please tell me, why are you so worried, I feel something is bothering you, you love everyone a lot. Bebe says its love that….. Avni says yes, tell me. Bebe says I m tired, I have to rest. Avni says please tell me clearly. Bebe says if Devki starts living with Yashoda and Krishna, did you think what will happen.

Neil comes to Vidyut’s place. Gurumaa starts drama. DD says Vidyut is not here. Neil asks where is your son. She says he went to meet you at police station. Neil gets angry. Juhi shows the doll. Neil thinks how did Mishti’s doll come here, it means Mishti is in problem. He rushes. Gurumaa smiles.

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