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My Identity 10 June 2021: The Episode starts with Avni telling Mishti that she will scold her, and they will fight in front of Vidyut, so that he never knows their game. Mishti hugs her. Avni says he will never know, I can understand you want to say we are friends, but when we are together, now you don’t get scared, we will have fun in this game.

Shweta stops Neela and says I have to tell you this thing, else I can never forgive myself, I m not saying this as Avni’s saas, but a Maa, I have always insulted Avni. Neil looks on. Shweta says I have raised question on your upbringing, I m your culprit, my son has become a child’s father before marriage, I didn’t imagine my son will make me ashamed some day, I never thought what will I say if anyone points on my upbringing, you have all rights to question me.

Neela says situation is such, its none’s mistake, we are fighting with time, not each other, I will never raise a finger at your upbringing, you are fighting for Avni, I respect you more, I promise we will support each other in this tough time. They hug. Neela asks her to be strong and goes. Avni says so we are friends, we will play our secret game. She thinks Mishti is kept in fear, she is not able to say anything. Mishti says Sir will scold and lock in room, I m scared of Sir. Avni says you can talk, why do you call him Sir. Mishti says Sir doesn’t love me, when he gets angry, he locks me in room, if he knows of game. Avni says he will never know, its a secret game, promise me you will listen to me, promise I won’t give him chance to scold you, don’t get scared when I tease you.

Neela and Neil sit in the car and have a talk. He says I remember when you said its your best decision that Avni is marrying me, I felt I m the luckiest man, I feel I have lost your trust, you would be regretting now. Neela says no, I trust you more than Aman, I don’t want there is any Ashish in Avni’s life. Neil says I m not Ashish, I m your Neil, I won’t move back from responsibility, I will never give Avni a life like Aisha.

She says I have to ask something, you and Juhi came closer, I mean you have a daughter, you didn’t know this, I have no right to ask. He says I trust you, you will not judge me, Juhi and I got engaged that night and saw many dreams, we had much champagne, I just remember I went to my room in morning and slept. She says its okay, when two people are in love, they go lost, you didn’t talk about that night again. Neil says I wanted to ask many things, but she met with an accident, then you all know everything, accident happened after two days, that night memories ended by that pain, then Avni came in my life, I didn’t see my past again, I will not let that girl become Avni, I won’t become Ashish and won’t let Avni become Aisha, maybe no one believes me, but I will make everything fine, my decision to marry Avni is the best decision, I will never upset you.

Neil asks DD what did doctor say. DD says she is in coma, we won’t get permission to interrogate her, what do you want to talk to her. Neil says I want her alive and also the permission to interrogate her, give me all info and doctor’s report also. Vidyut says people will come to lose money in our casino, our hotel will be the attraction. He gets angry and asks where is Mishti and her governess. Maid says they will be at home, I don’t like Ananya, she looks clever, she asked a lot. Vidyut scolds the maid. He gets angry on her.

He asks where is Mishti, and sees Avni and Mishti coming. He throws the food and asks why did you take Mishti out of the house. Mishti says sorry Sir. Avni starts scolding Mishti. Ali tells Neela that he is stuck in a restaurant event. Neela says Neil’s focus is on the girl, I couldn’t find anything, I want to go Goa. Ali says I will make Avni’s missing posters. Neela says declare reward as well, I will bear it. He says fine. Avni asks Vidyut how did he not teach discipline to Mishti. She complains about Mishti. She says Mishti was adamant to go out and have cake, you should not get her on head. Vidyut shouts enough, your work is to manage her, you will get salary. She says you are her Papa, you should talk to her. He says you won’t teach this to me, Mishti won’t go out without my permission. He goes. Avni and Mishti smile. Avni asks her to have milk and sleep.

Vidyut is busy and asks Charlie not to say anything now. Charlie tells about the minister. Vidyut angrily throws the sculpture. He asks him not to give water to minister till morning. Neil and Neela see Avni’s pics. Neil says I came to say, I m going to Auckland. Neela asks why, Avni is in Goa. Neil says my daughter is in Auckland. She says you won’t go to find Avni. Neil says Avni can take care of herself, my daughter is in problem, don’t you care for her. Neela looks for her.

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