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My Identity 13 May 2021: My Identity update Thursday 13th May 2021, The Episode starts with everyone getting shocked hearing Ali. Avni says I will try his call. Amol recalls going to room and taking Ballu’s phone. He thinks to change sim and save Ali’s number as boss. Riya smiles. Neil says I will try landline, its also not available. Avni says you know Ali can’t do this. Shweta argues with Avni. Bebe asks her to stop it. Shweta says Ali has done this, Avni is taking his side. Prakash says don’t blame him without any proof. Riya says Ali did this, Avni knows what happened in hospital. Avni says I remember well, its wrong to blame Ali.

Neil says I think we are in delicate situation, no one will try to contact Ali, if anyone does this, he will be wrong in sight of law, I think you are understanding what I mean, Avni relax, I didn’t say Ali is culprit, but I have to talk to him. Fatima cries and asks do you think Ali is culprit. Neil says no, I don’t want anyone to say I didn’t do my duty, he is my good friend, trust me, I will make everything fine Nanno. He goes with DD.

Ali says why is my phone not getting network. Amol says Dadi, Neil left to question Ali, we have to hurry up before Neil reaches cafe. Gurumaa asks shall I help you. Dayaben says I will do it myself. DD asks Neil to come. Neil says wait, I want to talk, when everyone was supporting Ali, what was going on in your mind. Fatima says Ali is innocent. DD says I can’t believe Ali can harm you and Avni, but I can’t deny what I have seen, he was talking to some stranger and had sweet box in hand. He gets footage and says this is that man, this footage came from nearby ATM camera. Fatima says Ali won’t wish bad for Neil and Avni.

DD says Ali fed jalebis to everyone, but he didn’t eat it. Avni says you both are doubting on Ali. DD says no. Avni says Neil you promised me you will talk to Ali. Neil says no, try to understand, its my duty to investigate this case, support me, I also trust him, I have to talk to him to prove his innocence. Fatima asks can I talk to Ali once. Prakash says it won’t be right, Neil stopped us, trust him. Neil says trust me Avni, I will do what’s right according to law. Neil and DD leave.

Shweta says I will not leave Ali. Riya says we know Ali always wanted Avni, so he was not there on dahi handi day, when Neil was attacked, even in hospital, it means…. Avni asks what do you mean, this implies to you also, you were not there on Janmashtami day, maybe you did this, you were in hospital, then your coming here and saying you got kidnapped, this can be a lie, do you have proof. Shweta asks Avni not to blame Riya, why will she do this. Avni says revenge from Neil and Avni, Ali will never wish to hurt Neil. Riya says you think so about me, why will I take revenge, what did you do, how can you blame me. Avni says you started by blaming Ali, you see very soon he will be proved innocent, Neil will find real culprit and get him punished, my friend needs me now, Nanno don’t worry, nothing will happen to Ali, I m going police station.

Neil says Ali would have reached cafe. Ali cooks food. He looks for network in phone. He gets shocked seeing Dayaben and her goons. Dayaben says you have strong friendship with that girl, so bear punishment for it. The goons catch him and tie him up. Amol sees Neil and calls Dayaben. Dayaben asks goons to hurry up, take Ali’s belongings as well. Neil comes. Dayaben kidnaps Ali

Neil sees footprints and says someone just left. DD checks place and says gas is on, did Ali see and ran away. DD circulates Ali’s photos. He says Ali’s stuff is not at home, he has gone. Avni asks are you circulating his photos like of some criminal. DD says what shall we understand by all this. Avni says Ali can’t do this, Neil you know this. Neil says we have to find out why is this happening, sit, go home, let me do my duty, if I find anything about him, I will update you, we can prove his innocent, don’t try to inform him. He asks DD to drop Avni home.

Goons get Ali somewhere. He sees Meher and thinks of seeing her. He thinks Avni wanted to save her, what is she doing here, is Avni in danger, I have to talk to him. He sees Ballu. Ballu says keep camera ready, I will talk to pandit ji and come. DD drops Avni home. He says don’t feel bad, I wanted to say… She walks away. DD calls Neil and says Avni reached home.

Someone aims at Avni. Amol says I m calling you, are you thinking something. She says no. He hugs her and says I know you are worried about Ali. He smiles seeing the goon. He says you are hiding something from me right, even if world is against you, I will always be with you, I will do anything to prove Ali’ss innocent. Goon aims at her head. Ali sees this on camera. He gets shocked and sees Dayaben. Dayaben says Avni will be shattered like this glass. Ali says Aman. She says yes, Amol, you think Amol came back in Avni’s life to keep rakhi relation, Vibhishan helped such to kill Raavan, I have sent Amol, you have to do what I say, do you want me to shoot. Ali says no, I m ready to do anything, but nothing should happen to Avni.

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