My Identity update Thursday 15 April 2021 On Starlife


My Identity 15 April 2021 – My Identity update Thursday 15th April 2021 Neil checking a case. DD says its open and shut case, I got the criminal, Rajesh has killed his GF. Neil asks why, you have kept her pics at home, it looks you loved her a lot, answer me, why did you kill her. DD says maybe he saw her with someone else and got jealous, jealousy is such thing, loves makes person mad. Neil says yes, jealousy takes life. Kareena checks Facebook. She gets a message and chats. She gets tensed on getting a friend request. She says I will show this to Ananya. Neil says make sure, none disturbs me now. Neil checks Rajesh and his GF’s pic. Neil says maybe this girl had an affair, so Rajesh was jealous, if anyone else did murder, we would have got fingerprints. Inspector says this happens with one who does such things. Neil says taking life can’t be any reason.

Riya says its good we will ask about child’s father. Shweta says we know Ananya is not pregnant, she got sick by having soup. Riya says we know its not Neil’s child. Shweta says you mean…. Riya says exactly. Avni calls Neil and says I have to tell him before anyone else tells him, what to do, he is not answering, I will go. She collides with Bebe.

Bebe asks where are you going. Avni says doctor. Bebe says you want doctor to confirm this news, come I will come along. Avni says no, I will go with Neil. Shweta says Riya, this is the chance. Kareena says I had to ask Ananya, maybe she is in her room. She goes. Amol says fine, I will send email. He sees the laptop and gets to read Kareena’s chat message. Kareena comes and worries. He says sorry, all yours. She goes. Shweta sees Bebe coming and asks Riya to start. Riya says no, I can’t come with you on shopping, I have to go cafe. Shweta says its Neil’s child, I have to buy something for shagun, come with me please. Bebe says I will come along, I heard you, I can’t miss this chance, come down, I will call Maddy and Kareena also. She goes. Shweta says plan’s first part got done.

Avni comes to meet Neil at police station. Neil signs on some file. She does not see him. Avni says he is not here, I will call. DD sees her and says you here. She asks for Neil. He says he just went, are you fine. She vomits. He worries. He gets Bebe’s call. Bebe says we will go to gynac tomorrow. DD says its me DD, Avni came here, I will make you talk to her. DD says its good news, congrats. Avni says no, you are mistaken, call Neil.

Amol apologizes to Kareena and clarifies. Maddy says we have to go shopping. He asks Amol to come along. Amol says no, I have some work. Riya says I have to go cafe. Kareena says I will get ready and come. Shweta and Riya smile. Avni says Neil is not answering, what to do, I have to manage Bebe, mum is not here. Riya collides with Ali. She says Avni is not fine, there is no one at home, there is much work here. Ali says I will manage everything, will you see here. She nods. Shweta says its fun to do shopping. Bebe says we forgot to take Bal Gopal. Shweta says it maybe Laxmi too. Kareena says why don’t we take Ram Sita jodi. Shweta says what an idea, Neil and Ananya’s jodi is like Ram Sita. She thinks now Avni’s agnipariksha will happen. Bebe asks are you fine. Shweta says yes.

Inspector says I think its clear cut case. Neil says yes. DD comes and hugs Neil. He says you have hidden such a big good news, Avni came to police station and we got to know, she was looking unwell. Neil says just work talk during work. He sees Avni’s missed calls and thinks I will call after ending work. He asks DD to register case against the person they arrested. DD says if someone loves a person, how can he kill that person. Inspector says anger can come out on that person. Neil says whatever reason, crime is crime, person will get punished. Ali says I m going to her. Riya sees her lipstick mark on his shirt and smiles. She recalls applying Avni’s lipstick. She calls police and says please help me, come fast. She tells her address.

She messages Shweta to reach home with everyone. Avni comes home and sits. Ali comes and sees her. He says we will go to doctor. She says no, Neil is not answering, give me medicines. She thinks there was something in soup, so I m getting vomits, everyone thinks I m pregnant. Neil gets informed about emergency call from his home. He asks driver to take left.

Ali gets water. He asks her to have medicines. Neil calls Avni. Ali keeps phone away. Avni says I have to talk to Neil, Bebe thinks I m pregnant, so she went on shopping. Ali asks are you pregnant, what’s all this. Avni says I m not pregnant, I have to tell Neil. She stumbles. Ali asks are you fine. She gets fainting. He makes her lie on the cough. Her mangalsutra gets stuck in his shirt. He tries to free it. Neil gets shocked seeing them. Ali also sees Neil. DD and police staff also looks on. Shweta comes and asks what happened. Ali gets away and mangalsutra breaks. Shweta, Riya, Bebe and others look on. Shweta says you started all this at home, you should be ashamed. Ali says its nothing like that. Shweta asks what’s this lipstick mark on your shirt, we are not blind, we can see everything, don’t try to hide this. Ali says see Ananya’s state, she is ill, you all are blaming her, I m just supporting her, I did not leave her alone in illness.

Shweta says if she was ill, she could have called us, but she called her lover. Avni gets shocked. Shweta asks since when is this affair going on. DD says we will go out, its family matter. Shweta says we accepted you, what values your mum gave you, its a result of bad upbringing. Neil says stop it mom.


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